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The 10 Best Soccer Academies In Virginia – (2024) Guide

The 10 Best Soccer Academies In Virginia

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A soccer academy is an institution that offers training for young players. These academies have been popping up all over the country in recent years, giving kids a chance to get better at their favorite sport.

In order to help you find one near you, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best soccer academies in Virginia. Check it out! Hopefully, you can find one in your city!

Arlington Soccer Association

Arlington Soccer Association provides a fun physical and mentally stimulating soccer experience. Offering elite soccer programs, ASA ensures to give proper training needed.

The coaches have no problem motivating the children to excel in the sport. They also have volunteer roles, allowing the community to become more involved, overall making it an exhilarating moment for the whole family.

Their challenging drills and weekly training bring out the children’s competitiveness, and many parents have noticed a major improvement in their kids’ performance.

Age Range:

8-16 years old


5210 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22205, United States


Annual User Fee$16/Player ($40/non-resident player)
Academy Program Fees (All Teams)$2,400
Summer Performance Training Program$125 (1 day option)$200 (2 days option)

Loudoun Soccer Club

Prioritizing the development and the growth of the kid’s soccer skills is something that Loudoun Soccer Club has mastered throughout the years.

They have carefully curated a pathway designed for different ages and skills in order to unlock their fullest potential. They have three main programs–recreation, travel, and elite.

They ensure that the skills are constantly progressing and not stagnant with the help of their extra training sessions.

A lot of parents enjoy the variety of programs that Loudoun Soccer Club has to offer, and their set of coaches serve as an extra boost of motivation towards the players.

Age Range:

4-18 years old


19798 Sycolin Rd, Leesburg, VA 20175


Summer Travel Futsal Academy$195
Summer Rec Futsal Academy$195
Darryl Gee Summer Camp$135/child (3-4 years old)$175/child half day (5-12 years old)$235/child full day (5-12 years old)
Kick ‘N Code Summer Camp$400
Premium Rec Summer Camp$235 (Loudoun player)$325 (Full day option)

Virginia Development Academy

VDA offers elite soccer programs for both boys and girls. They ensure that the players looking for a more competitive style of training will feel satisfied with their programs.

Parents praise the coaching staff behind Virginia Development Academy–emitting a professional behavior that can balance between being strict and motivational.

VDA can also provide opportunities for the players to receive scholarships in college, professional signing, and more.

Age Range:

8-12 years old


14716 Minnieville Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22193


Boys ECNLContact VDA directly
Girls ECNLContact VDA directly
Spring CampTBA
Summer CampTBA
VDA Charity Cup$250

Golden Ball Soccer Academy

This soccer academy takes pride in pushing its players to do their best. Golden Ball Soccer Academy specializes in two programs–goalkeeper program and performance training program.

These programs are designed to craft the specific skill the player wants to achieve. They ensure that the child’s athletic and mental capabilities are trained to the fullest in order to play soccer well.

What sets Golden Ball Soccer Academy apart from other associations is its state-of-the-art facilities. Their three facilities are the BurnFit Complex, John Tyler Soccer Complex, and the Hodges Manor Park Field.

These facilities offer indoor and outdoor training sessions so that the players are able to adapt to any environment.

Age Range:

8-16 years old


2517 Denning Ln, Chesapeake, VA 23321

Year Round Program$1,200-1,655

Northern Virginia Soccer Club

Northern Virginia Soccer Club is a non-profit organization devoted to excelling soccer skills and develop sportsmanship.

They have specific programs for different ages and skills, where boys and girls are welcome to join. North Virginia Soccer Club’s pride and glory lie within their fields, where the magic happens.

They offer four primary locations for their programs–Hellwig Park, Valley View Park, Ben Lomond Park, and Signal Hill Park.

Many parents are impressed by their coaching techniques and drills and the consistent upkeep of the fields.

Age Range:

4-19 years old


14424 Bristow Rd, Manassas, VA 20112


CCL PRO23 Tryout Fee$25
CCL PRO23 Acceptance Fee$300
Super Y Registration Fee$25
Super Y League Fee$575

FC Dulles

FC Dulles has maintained a close relationship with families who have been under this soccer academy for some time.

Parents have praised the supportiveness of FC Dulles’ coaches and how the soccer academy has managed to keep the training fun and covid-safe at the same time.

The club’s competitive training and coaching sessions bring out fantastic results and a few lessons can yield major improvements on the player.

Age Range:

3-18 years old


12830 Point Pleasant Dr, Fairfax, VA 22033


Winter Outdoor Soccer League$125 (Individual)$695 (Team: U9-U19)
Advance Development Academy Program Tuition Fee$525
Required ADAP Uniforms for New Players$60

Beach FC

Beach FC is an association that is dedicated to the development of the youth’s soccer skills. Their highly competitive training programs focus on both the players’ mental and physical strength.

They offer a variety of programs that are made to fit any child of any age and current skill level. Their programs are Recreation, Roots, Junior Academy, Academy, Advanced, Travel, and Travel Lite.

Their coaching staff is what many of the parents describe as impeccable due to the friendliness and constant motivation they pass onto the children.

Age Range:

3-16 years old


3052 Buckner Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23453


Roots Program$75
U6 Junior Academy Program$355/year$180/per season
U7/8 Junior Academy Program$555/year$290/per season
U9 Academy ProgramMore information here

Alexandria Soccer Association

Alexandria Soccer Association focuses on the development of the children’s physical, mental, and social skills through soccer.

They offer a comprehensive list of programs design for every age and skill level.

Alexandria Soccer Association prides itself on its high-quality training and professional coaches, ensuring that the children enjoy the process of becoming amazing soccer players.

Age Range:

2-19 years old


1108 Jefferson St, Alexandria, VA 22314


Free Agent$130
Team Registration with ASA coach Provided$895
Team Registration with own coach$700
Team Registration with own coach and facility$600

Marlin Soccer Academy

Run by two nationally licensed soccer coaches, Marlin Soccer Academy provides hands-on training sessions to accelerate the children’s progress in soccer.

Their programs were carefully designed to test the players’ tactical, physical, and technical skills while still enjoying the sport in a creative manner.

Their facilities are well-maintained too, ensuring that the players receive the proper treatment they deserve, at a competitive cost!

A lot of parents are impressed by the fact that their children not only became great at playing soccer, but their self-confidence increased as well.

Age Range:

6-15 years old


5817 Wesleyan Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23455


Summer Camp$245
Video Recruitment (for college coaches)$150
Non-refundable deposit$50

Golden Boot Soccer

Golden Boot Soccer has been providing high-quality and intense and innovative soccer programs for the youth for years now. They amplify the importance of sportsmanship and fair play in every soccer training session.

Their impressive team of professional coaches makes learning soccer enjoyable for the children as they’re able to show motivation and support towards them.

Parents enjoy watching their children play and socialize with other kids as they’re able to make friends and create a lot of memories during the program. Golden Boot Soccer never fails to provide a nurturing and fun environment to play soccer in.

Age Range:

3-18 years old


8200 Greensboro Dr #900, McLean VA 22102


Lil’ Boots Juniors (Ages 3-4)$220
Lil’ Boots Advanced (Ages 5-6)$220
Ball Mastery (Ages 7-8)$220
Goalkeeper Training (Ages 8-13)$220
Positive Touch Footskills (Ages 9-13)$220
Art of Scoring Goals$220

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