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Best Soccer Player in the World: Top 10 Unbeatable Resources You Must Know!

Best Soccer Player in the World

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Do you often wonder who the best soccer player in the world is? You can only find your answer by considering different variables like talent, skill level, achievements, and consistency of performance.

If you aren’t sure how to use these variables to discover your GOAT of soccer, I’ve got you. I will share with you a standard criteria you can use as measuring sticks. It includes measuring:

  • International and club titles won
  • Individual awards and records
  • Goals scored and assists provided
  • Consistency of high-level performances

Let me show you where to find the information you need for your list!

Best Soccer Player In the World

Historical Rankings of Soccer Players

Throughout soccer history, many outstanding talents have graced the field. Several soccer legends such as Diego Maradona (Argentina), Pelé (Brazil), Michel Platini (France), Johan Cruyff (Netherlands), and Lionel Messi (Argentina) come with their share of accolades.

Ranking these all-time greats is no easy task; one must consider their overall impact on soccer culture beyond statistics alone.

Nonetheless, different sources provide us with more specific metrics-based rankings through which we can analyze these prodigious talents.

Top 10 Unbeatable Resources: An Overview

To help you stay informed about current contenders for “best player in the world” title or simply discover new insights into historical debates among legends past – here’s my compilation list featuring ten unbeatable resources worth checking out:

1. International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS)

International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS)

This globally recognized organization collects data on various aspects related to football history across countries worldwide – perfect if you want comprehensive player information within annual ranking lists sorted by categories such as ‘Player’, ‘Top Goal Scorer,’ etcetera.

2. Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) Rankings

Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)

As governing body over global football affairs – FIFA publishes rankings for national teams and individual players based on performance in official competitive matches. Their website regularly updates these lists, helping you monitor who’s currently making significant strides on the pitch.

3. Ballon d’Or Award Winners List

Ballon d'Or Award Winners List

The prestigious annual award ceremony has been recognizing outstanding footballers since 1956; awarded by France Football magazine to the world’s best soccer player following a year-long evaluation process involving journalists from various countries.

4.’s Annual Top 50 Player Ranking's Annual Top 50 Player Ranking

This online sports platform compiles thorough top-50 player rankings every year featuring in-depth analysis and expert opinions – ideal if you want a comprehensive overview of recent performances alongside historical data points.

5. ESPN FC’s 100 Best Players List

ESPN FC's 100 Best Players List

ESPN FC, a leading name in sports journalism, releases its picks for the top 100 players annually – offering insight into statistical breakdowns alongside commentary from industry experts.

6. FourFourTwo Magazine’s Top Talents List

FourFourTwo Magazine's Top Talents List

One of UK’s premier soccer magazines annually ranks global superstars through their Top Talent Lists – perfect if you’re seeking fresh perspectives via quality journalism support by detailed statistics.

7. Europe Golden Shoe Awards Archive

Europe Golden Shoe Awards Archive

An archive listing all winners since its inception in 1968 is available online – displaying which European footballers have consistently excelled at scoring goals throughout their careers.

8. UEFA Player Score Database & Ratings

UEFA Player Score Database & Ratings

The governing body overseeing European club competitions maintains databases showing each participant’s scores and ratings over time; great insights for comparing players based on detailed metrics including passes completed or dribbling success rates among others.

9. Detailed Analytics & Performance Indices Detailed Analytics & Performance Indices

For those keen proponents of analytics-based assessments – this website provides extensive datasets covering multiple aspects linked with individual player performances during specific matches: ranging from heat maps to detailed stat sheets covering defensive attributes such as interceptions made per game etcetera!

10.Soccer Blogs, Podcasts, Vlogs & Docuseries for Expert Insights

Lastly, following soccer-specific social media channels often provides insider information within conversations among fans and experts alike – perfect if you’re looking to broaden your overall knowledge base or explore alternative viewpoints about who might be truly the best player in the world.

Analyzing Major Achievements of Contenders in Top Resources Lists

When it comes down to individual achievements, some players can’t be ignored. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have dominated award ceremonies and broken numerous records over the past decade.

But others should also be considered within these rankings based on their outstanding accomplishments translating into team successes – including players like Neymar (Brazil), Mohamed Salah (Egypt), Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium) or Virgil Van Dijk (Netherlands), to name a few.

Comparing Individual Skill Sets Among Candidates

Ultimately, you will bring personal preferences when evaluating who’s truly the best of all time through criteria mentioned earlier: titles won or goal-scoring prowess may resonate differently with you – but acknowledging underlying skill sets possessed by various candidates helps provide more balanced judgments in this never-ending quest for identifying “the greatest ever”!

The End Game

So there you have it! These ten amazing resources will keep you up-to-date with everything related to finding out who is indeed the best soccer player in the world.

Dive into these tools as each one offers unique insights into football history, present-day marvels on display across pitches globally, and those vying for recognition as future legends!

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