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10 Best Soccer Camps in Arkansas – (2024) Guide

10 Best Soccer Camps in Arkansas

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In this post, we are going to explore the 5 best soccer camps in Arkansas. A lot has gone into putting this list together.

We have taken into consideration several factors including overall experience, coaching, location, what attendees have to say, and cost. At the end of the day, we feel that these camps provide the best possible experience for your child regardless of age, gender, or skill level.

We hope you enjoy and if there is a soccer camp near you that is not on our list be sure to leave us a comment so we can check it out!

Sporting Arkansas / Sugar Creek Soccer Park

The club underwent a long journey before being known as the Sugar Creek Soccer Park. It was founded in 1998 as FC United under the supervision of Jim Long. Undergoing several changes and restructures over the years.

They strive to be the leader of teaching players to be righteous, no matter the situation. They also teach the importance of good sportsmanship towards other players and officials and how to handle challenges and obstacles, not only in soccer but in real life as well. 

They offer training for children with little to no experience and programs for those who are getting ready to play at a classic level. Speaking of classic, the Classic program is available to players in age groups U11-U19. It’s for players who want to move on and compete at a higher level than recreational soccer. 

They also have a Winter Training program, which is an 8-week, 1 night per week program held indoors. Though registration is only open for 8 to 12-year-olds, for both newbie and experienced players. Not only that, but they also have numerous club events like tryouts, tournaments, fundraisers, camps, and other fun stuff.

Accumulating 4.2 Star Ratings on Google business with 40 reviews, People were admiring the place because of how clean, spacious and well kept the fields are. They also mentioned the convenience of the academy’s location. 

Age Range:

Little Shots – ages 4 to 6 with no previous soccer experience

Pre-Academy – ages 5 to 6 with some previous soccer experience

Academy – ages 7 to 9 who are ready to train for play at the Classic level

Classic – ages 10 to 18 who are ready to play at a competitive level


1800 NW Lightning Ln, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States


Academy – Age 8U to 10U  $400 (Club and Reg. Fees)
Classic – Age 11U to 14U  $825 (Club and Reg. Fees)
HS Premier – Age 15U to 19U  $650 (Club and Reg. Fees)

Rolling Oaks Soccer Complex

Also known as Maumelle Soccer Club (MSC), is a nonprofit organization and a member of the Arkansas State Soccer Association (ASSA) and the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).

They are funded and sponsored by “Kids Being Kids Therapy” and they also accept donations. Their Coaches and training staff are volunteers who care about the community and they offer a fun learning experience for 4-year-olds throughout adults.

They have two seasons, fall and spring. The fall season starts practice in August and the games are played September through October. The spring season starts practice in February and the games are played March through April. They have two programs available, recreational and competitive.

Garnering 4.4 Star Ratings on Google Business from 69 reviews, locals loved the place with its beautiful well-maintained fields and friendly acquaintances with other parents and volunteers.

Age Range:

4 years old throughout adults


1 FairPlay Way, Maumelle, AR 72113, United States



Arkansas Comets Soccer Club

is another non-profit organization that was established in 1993. They claim to be the oldest and most successful youth soccer club and they represent the state of Arkansas all over the country. Their goal is to help young individuals hone their skills and improve all the different quirks that will help them in their journey in life and career path through the sport of soccer.

They offer Summer Training Program for all ages, with or without any soccer experience, to help them grow and develop. It is a 90-minute session through Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays (5:30 pm-7:30 pm), with 15 sessions in total.

They also have Summer Camps for ages 10-16 years old suited for beginner, intermediate, and elite level players who are looking to ascend to the next level of playing soccer.

They gained 4.2 Star Ratings on Google Business with over 41 reviews. They are commended for their amazing staff and facilities. Some even stated that they could never ask for anything better! 

Age Range:

Summer Training Program – Suited for all ages

Summer Camps – 10 to 16 years old


1438 N Old Missouri Rd, Springdale, AR 72764, United States


Summer Training Program$199 (For all 15 training sessions)
Summer Camps$110 (Per camp)

Little Rock Rangers Soccer Club/Little Rock Rangers Academy

Little Rock Rangers SC was founded not too long ago in 2016. They currently compete in USL League 2, which is a semi-professional developmental soccer league sponsored by United Soccer Leagues. They aim to improve soccer in their central area by bringing in top-notch coaches and players. They also teach important fundamentals of the game to help players learn the needed skills to reach the competitive level.

One of their goals is to provide local soccer club scholarships to indigent but motivated children in the local area through extra revenue from ticket sales and donations. They have a variety of programs for different ages and they also offer training videos, private lessons, and so much more.

With an impressive 4.9 Star Ratings with 65 reviews on Google Business, they take pride in their staff, coach, facility, and overall service. Needless to say that they are one of the best soccer academies out there. 

Age Range:

Baby bucks – 1 to 3 years old, and then 4 to 16 years old


2613 Vance St, Little Rock, AR 72206, United States


Baby Bucks Training (1-3 years old)30 – 40 minutes sessions$168 (For 8 sessions)
Young Bucks Training (4-6 years old)1-hour sessions$168 (For 8 sessions)
FUN’damentals Training (7-10 years old)1-hour and 15-minute sessions offered twice a week$295 (For 16 sessions)
EPA training (9 years and older)For experienced players only$385 (For 18 sessions)
Summer Camp (6 to 10 years old)June 1-4 / 8 am-11 am$200
Recreational Soccer (8 years and older)Only accepting full teams, not for individual players at this time$225 – per player each season (Uniform is extra, roughly $80)

Bentonville Prodigy FC

Prodigy FC was established as a competitive soccer club in 2017. They teach their players more advanced fundamentals of soccer. Not just how to kick a ball, but also to hold it, and keep away from the opposing team. This requires a higher level of training and discipline. This is how they separate themselves from other Soccer clubs out there.

And just like any other club, they aim to win, rise, and ascend through competitions, without neglecting the development and welfare of each student, making sure that they are having fun during the process. They’ve competed against several teams from several countries.

They offer Summer training camps, focused on improving their player’s performance in terms of speed, strength, agility training, crossing and finishing, and other technical training. 

Their programs are also affordable. So, if you’re looking for a club that isn’t too heavy on your pocket, this might be it. So far, they have 2 reviews with perfect 5 Star Ratings from Google. They’re new to the game but they’re here to stay and make their mark.

Age Range:

11 to 18 years old


113 NW Yukon Trail St, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States


Summer Training 7 week program(4 days a week)$100 (For club members)
Summer Training 7 week program(4 days a week)$140 (For non-club members)

Arkansas Valley Soccer Association 

The Arkansas Valley Soccer aims to create a fun and challenging environment for children to grow and hone their skills. They encourage everyone to dream big and aim high. They hope to ignite everyone and the future generation’s love and passion for the sport of soccer.

They cater to different ages with several programs. They group their players according to their age to ensure that they are getting the appropriate training and experience for everyone. They also have competitive and recreational games where they would play against other teams.

 With 4.3 Star Ratings in Google Business with 11 reviews, Arkansas Valley Soccer Association is a respected place. People were complimenting the cleanliness of their area and the unforgettable experience everyone had.

Age Range:

3 to 17 years old


901 Lock and Dam Rd, Russellville, AR 72802, United States


Academy Program$40 Per Season
Academy Program$80 Per Year (in addition to in-house recreational club registration)

Siloam Springs FC

Siloam Springs at the Sager Creek Soccer Complex aims to create a fun and challenging environment where everyone can thrive and grow as they move forward on their path. They train their player’s self-discipline and make sure that everyone is well conditioned to take on whatever challenge they are faced with.

They now offer academy recreational league events for new players and returnees. Additional information about their programs, however, was not provided.

With 4.2 Star Ratings on Google Business with 21 reviews, people loved the location because of how clean it was. Overall a fun and exciting place for everyone! 

Age Range: 

5 to 19 years old


608 Sue Anglin Dr, Siloam Springs, AR 72761, United States


Academy League for Spring 2022$50 For Returning Players (These are players who were playing in the previous season)
Academy League for Spring 2022$70 For New Players (These are players that didn’t play in the previous season)

NWA HappyFeet & Legends Soccer Club

They have two programs which are called “HappyFeet” for toddlers and preschoolers, and “Legends Soccer Club” for preschoolers and adolescents. 

HappyFeet is like an introduction to the sport of soccer for younger children, using a similar approach in daycares and preschools. On weekends, they let the children play 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 4 matches with no strict rules, a fun free-for-all setting. They also offer Public Leagues every Saturday, Summer Soccer Camps for Fridays, and even at-home sessions and training. 

Legends Soccer Club, on the other hand, is focused on developing each children’s skills. They also have much more concentrated practice sessions than playtime. Their goal in this program is to improve and develop each and everyone to become more confident with one’s abilities and help them learn how to get up and stand on their own after a fall.

They aim to have everyone equipped with the right skills, mindset, and discipline to go beyond and move on to the next level. They offer multiple programs such as TopSoccer Spring Sessions, Camps, and Jungle Club. 

With an astounding 4.6 Star Ratings on Google Business with 43 reviews, everyone was delighted with this academy. Stating that their children had a blast! Thanks to their friendly coach, with easy-to-follow instructions, made fun and engaging. They have a lot of happy repeat customers and their children loved the place

Age Range:

HappyFeet – For Children aged 2-5 years old 

Legends Soccer Club – For Children age 4-18 years old 


403 S Rainbow Rd, Rogers, AR 72758, United States


HappyFeet Class$40 (per term)
Leagues and Camps for Little toes$83 (6 weekly 45-minute sessions every Tuesday evening)
Leagues and Camps for U4 (under 4 years old)$88 (6 weekly, 1-hour sessions broken down into a 30 minute practice and 30 minute scrimmage)
Leagues and Camps for U5 (under 5 years old)$88 (6 weekly, 1-hour sessions broken down into a 30 minute practice and 30 minute scrimmage)
2022 Winter-II League for U6 – U8$118 (45min Practice + 45min Game) 6-Week Session, 1.5 Hour Saturday Session. 
Junior Legends 4v4 Team for U8 playersRegistration closed
Legends Club Teams for U9-U18 PlayersRegistration closed

Central Arkansas Soccer Club 

Central Arkansas Soccer Club was founded in 1994, they are a non-profit organization and a member of multiple soccer associations and federations in the United States. They offer several programs but some aren’t available or have been closed already for next year. But, they do have programs for Summer camp and a 3v3 league that’s still open.

They provide guided skill discovery and learning through their soccer programs and are loved by everyone who became part of their club and supported by parents. To no surprise, they earned 4.3 Star Ratings from 61 reviews on Google Business. 

Age Range:

Ages 4 through to adult


3865 Midland Rd, Alexander, AR 72002, United States


3v3 league for ages 6 to adult $120 (Team Registration)
Summer camp age 4 to 15 years old $55 One Week
Summer camp age 4 to 15 years old $105 two Weeks

Tribe Soccer

Tribe Soccer helps individuals who want to take the sport of soccer a bit seriously, and for those who plan on pursuing this career.

They have level-trainers that are certified so you’ll be in safe and capable hands. They provide advanced training that’s focused on mobility, stability, strength, reaction time, agility, and all the other abilities that are needed to boost an athlete’s overall performance.

Soccer Tribe offers 1 on 1 professional private training and group private training (2-6 people). They also have membership programs, youth league, recreational league, and adult league.

They got a 4.4 Star Ratings on Google, and with that said,  everyone enjoyed their experience and valued everything they’ve learned from this club.

Age Range:

ages 5 through to adult


403 S Rainbow Rd, Rogers, AR 72758, United States


Individual Private Training1 hour sessions $210 (3 Sessions)$390 (6 Sessions)$540 (9 Sessions)$990 (18 Sessions)
Group Private Training (2-6 person) 1 hour sessions$360 (3 Sessions)$690 (6 Sessions)$990 (9 Sessions)$1890 (18 Sessions)
Recreational Leagues $375-$450 to register a team
$82 Free Agent (Individual)

Please let us know if you feel that there are other camps out there that should be included. We want this list to help benefit everyone who is looking, so please give your input!

*As always, please check with the camp hosts before making any plans to attend a program.

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