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Follow The Leader Drill

Beginner – Advanced Beginner

youth soccer drills: follow the leader

The purpose of the Follow The Leader Drill, is to help refine dribbling skills while adapting space with no defensive pressure.

Training Equipment Required:
1 Soccer Ball per player, 4 Cones

5 mins

How To Perform This Drill
  1. Four or five players divide into lines in a 20-by-20-yard grid (see image)
  2. The player first in line leads and moves through the grid first, followed by the rest of the players while dribbling their balls.
  3. When you give the signal, the person in the back pushes his ball out a few yards in front of the leader, sprints after it, and becomes the new leader.
  4. When your next signal is given, the new last person repeats this action.

soccer adviser logoTIP: Encourage ball control by discussing how the ball is touched by various parts of the foot.

The general space provided should be used properly so that players do not encroach on each other’s space.

Once the players have mastered this drill, let them do it independently without your direction.

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