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10 Best Soccer Camps In The US – (2024) Guide

10 Best Soccer Camps In The US

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Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a great way for kids to stay active during their summer break from school, and it can also help them develop new skills in the field that will translate into other areas of life.

This listing of the 10 Best Soccer Camps In The US is an excellent resource for anyone looking to find soccer camps near them this summer!

FC Barcelona Soccer Camp

Barca Academy is One of the Best Soccer Camps In The US

If you want your child to play soccer the Barca way, you should check out the FC Barcelona Soccer Camp. It uses a system that has taught soccer superstars like Iniesta, Xavi, and Messi how to dominate in the field. The camp has locations all over the country including Chicago, Orlando, Dallas, Portland, and many more.

What makes FC Barcelona Summer Camp stand out is that the coaching standards and training methods are the same as those experienced by professional soccer players. And as a bonus, the best players per camp will get a chance to go to Barcelona so they can play their favorite game on the actual field where the greats like Ronaldo, Kubala, and Rivaldo played.

Parents love this soccer camp because it provided their kids a chance to see their soccer heroes. Plus, the training is intensive, so it offers a lot of development opportunities, especially for teens who dream of going pro someday. It may seem a little expensive for a 5-day training, but the coaches pay the campers close attention, and they make sure that everybody participates.

Age Range:

Boys and girls between 6 and 17 years old (born between 2004-2015)


Various cities around the US


5-day training clinic with official FC Barcelona coaches.$449

Euro Soccer USA

Euro Soccer USA is One of the Best Soccer Camps In The US

Euro Soccer USA is a full and half-day soccer camp for kids interested in learning everything about soccer. It is a very popular camp in Los Angeles. This soccer academy offers training all year round. The parents and kids can choose to join their weekend or winter break clinics. The academy also offers soccer birthday parties and private training.

This academy boasts 23 years of experience in providing quality soccer education in all skill levels. The academy is a licensed member of the National Soccer Coaches Association of America and the US Soccer Federation. The licensed coaches are highly trained in using scientifically approved techniques to teach athletes essential soccer skills.

Besides teaching soccer, the coaches are highly adept at wrangling even very young students. The kids find the lessons fun and engaging. Parents love that the coaches are very patient with beginners but love to challenge those with advanced skills. They also note that the camp offers a safe environment for their kids to play.

Age Range:

Boys and girls between 2 and 12 years old


Los Angeles


Weekend Soccer Academy$98 – $250
Winter and Fall camps$68 – $278
Soccer LeaguePrice varies
Private TrainingPrice varies

United Soccer Academy

If you are looking for an extremely well-run soccer camp that offers a positive environment for soccer players of all skill levels, you and your child should check out United Soccer Academy.

This academy caters to athletes from 2 to 19 years old. They have a year-round program and summer and fall camps.

The camp boasts of very well-trained coaches. It employs experienced coaches that act as mentors for new coaches. All the employees undergo comprehensive training before being deployed. United Soccer Academy works with various schools and other organizations in different locations. You can contact them if you wish to host a camp in your neighborhood.

The parents rave about the professionalism and friendliness of the coaches. Each ensures that all the athletes take part at their own pace. It provides training that not only develops necessary soccer skills. The USA also helps build self-confidence and social skills. The parents also love that the classes are just the right size and that there are numerous schedules to choose from.

Age Range:

Boys and girls between 2 and 19 years old


Various locations in the US – Client can host schedule/location for camp


Soccer camps (various ages)Contact the academy for rates
Backyard Program (Client hosts the camp)Contact the academy for rates
Travel Soccer Team TrainingContact the academy for rates
Recreation Soccer TrainingContact the academy for rates

IMG Academy

If your child is the type to live and breathe soccer, IMG Academy’s program may be the right choice. Florida-based IMG Academy is one of the most prestigious sports institutions in the world. It has been operating since 1978 and is the academy of choice of future athletes. It provides programs designed to challenge beginners and advances athletes alike.

The soccer camp caters to students from 10 to 18 years old for their year-round programs and 9 to 18 years old for their summer camp. You and your child can select the perfect program depending on the child’s skill level. Parents can choose to enroll their children in the academy’s 6-day or 3-day holiday camps.

For those who are not yet ready to stay away from their homes, there are also overnight and non-boarding day camps. The academy also has a 3-week camp. It ensures that all the campers’ needs are met for the duration of their stay. The parents love that the camp offers progressive training. Plus, there is a mental toughness session every week.

Age Range:

Boys and girls between 10 and 18 years old for the year-round program, 9 and 18 for the summer camps




6-Day Holiday Camp$2,339 – $3,879
3-Day Holiday Camp$1,229 – $2,039
3-Week Summer Camp$7,089 – $10,449
Summer Weekly Camp$2,699 – $3,949

Barcelona Soccer Excellence Academy

The Barcelona Soccer Excellence Academy employs top UEFA coaches. These professionals have international experience and have trained some of the best soccer players in the world. The program boasts of following the Barcelona SE philosophy and methodology which has helped train elite athletes. If you live in Texas, you should look into this academy.

The academy’s programs cater to athletes 3 to 18 years of age. They focus on essential skills like ball control, attacking, and defending systems. The programs also equip the students with techniques to make smart decisions during game situations. If your child plans to become a professional soccer player in the future, this type of training will be beneficial.

Just because the program is serious doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. The academy makes sure that the participants enjoy the games. Parents love that coaching is done in small groups. The coaches can provide one-on-one instructions. The programs are designed to provide the ultimate benefit for each age group, starting from the fun stage to the performance stage.

Age Range:

Boys and girls between 5 and 18 years old


Texas (Tomball and The Woodlands)


5-day training campEarly bird price: $280Regular price: $380

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Florida

Another Florida-based soccer academy that has received top reviews is Paris Saint-Germain Academy. It claims to provide elite soccer training for both boys and girls from the age of 5 to 19 years old. The academy follows a training program designed in France and has helped a few of the big names in soccer like Di Maria, Mbappe, and Neymar Jr.

The academy has already taught over 20,000 players in camps all over the world. It specializes in helping develop soccer players of all skill levels by providing excellent training as well as exposing the students to the most challenging level of youth soccer. The programs focus on teaching tactical and technical skills. They also teach the players the confidence to play in competitions.

In one review, the parent praised the academy for providing her son with the technical skills that he applied in actual matches. She also praised the academy for providing participants with detailed evaluation reports so that they would know exactly how to improve their game.

Age Range:

Boys and girls between 7 and 14 years old


Florida (Fort Lauderdale and Miami)


3-day Camp$240
All Year-Round Program
* Youth Academy·   Boys Elite Academy·   Girls Elite Academy·   Pro Academy
Pro DevelopmentNo Cost to Player
Technification Program$125 per month

New York Red Bulls Soccer Camp

The New York Red Bulls is a professional soccer team that is based in New Jersey. Its Academy offers a Major League Soccer program that provides training for youth players. Its soccer camp offers different programs for beginners and advanced soccer athletes. It follows a multi-layered approach to give a professional training environment to its participants.

The training sessions and soccer camps cater to youth that would like to learn soccer in a professional yet enjoyable setting. The participants are offered options to receive individualized training on top of the regular team-based training. These skills clinics serve as the stepping stone to the prestigious Regional Development School.

Its RDS day camp provides experienced participants with individual technical instructions as well as teaches them advanced soccer techniques. Participants who excel during the 5-day training get an opportunity to join its pre-academy feeder system. This is the Red Bull showcase teams that get recommended to full Academy teams.

Age Range:

Mini Bulls Camp (4 – 5 years)

Skills Camp (7 – 14 years)

Team Camp (8 – 18 years)

Regional Development School (RDS) (7 – 14 years)

Residential Camp (9 – 15 years)


Various locations in New York and New Jersey


Mini Bulls CampPrice varies
Skills CampPrice varies
Team CampPrice varies
RDSPrice varies
Residential CampPrice varies

Berkshire Soccer Academy

The Berkshire Soccer Academy is one of the few facilities that cater solely to female athletes. It is a training camp that recognizes every player’s current skill level and builds on that to help her become a better athlete.

The program starts with soccer fundamentals and works its way up to the more difficult attacking and defending techniques.

Parents love that the academy assigns the athletes to the same coaches throughout the week. This enables coaches to get to know the participants better and provide individualized instructions.

The consistency also ensures that the children do not waste their time working on one technique without progressing.

Working with just a few coaches also ensures that the participants develop a stronger bond with them. This, combined with the academy’s proven elite training program, is the reason why 98% of the participants experience a significant improvement in their soccer skills.

Age Range:

Girls of various ages


East Otis, Massachusetts


1-week Soccer Camp$1,595 – $1,895
2-week Soccer Camp$3,385 – $3,940

Future 500 ID Soccer Camp

Future 500 ID is a soccer camp that works closely with a huge network of universities and colleges. If your child is serious about pursuing soccer and is looking to receive a scholarship from top schools, this soccer camp may be the right choice. This camp provides talented players the opportunity to be identified and recruited.

The main focus of this camp is to provide exposure for exceptional soccer athletes so that they can catch the attention of top recruiters.

The camp even offers tactical scouting sessions. This provides the participants the opportunity to ask questions to college coaches to find out how they can increase their chances of being recruited.

Future 500 ID partnered with Veo. Their Video Program gives access to more than 100 of the best schools in the country. This means that even if you are not playing on the field, recruiters still get to see you play.

Camps focus mostly on teaching athletes how to be recruited. However, participants still a considerable time on the field so that they can show recruiters what they can offer.

Age Range:

Boys and girls (separate camps) in Grades 9 to 12


Various locations including Philadelphia, Boston, and Tampa


Camp with unedited match footage$445
Camp with highlight reel package$595

Exact Sports Soccer Camp

Exact Sports Soccer Camp is the camp for your child if he or she is looking to connect with over a thousand college coaches. It is not for beginners. This is the camp for top players who wish to be recruited by universities and colleges around the US. It hosts events that are attended or watched by a large network of NCAA coaches.

At this point, your child already knows how to play soccer. What this camp teaches its students are the extras that will get him or her noticed on the field. These skills include maintaining focus and confidence, staying composed, and coping with adversities during the game. Besides those, the camp also orients the participants of the college recruiting process.

On top of that, participants also get to compete with the top players in the country. This allows them to elevate their games even more. Participants rave about how the camp taught them how to be more confident in interacting with college coaches. Some also talked about the high-quality competition that they were not able to experience in other camps.

Age Range:

Boys and girls in the 8th – 12th Grade


Various cities around the US


Showcase Camps (1 Day sessions)Standard Tuition $350Early Bird Price $239

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