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Pendulum Drill

Pendulum Drill

Beginner – Advanced Beginner

youth soccer drills:  pendulum drill

The Pendulum Drill is a more advanced-beginner youth soccer drill, used to develop a player’s passing accuracy and collection skills. This is done from a stationary passer to a moving target and has no defensive pressure.

Training Equipment Required:
2 Soccer Balls, 4 Cones per 3 players.

10 mins

How To Perform This Drill
  1. Arrange three players on a 10-yard grid.
  2. Two players stand to one side of the grid, each has a ball.
  3. A third player is on the opposing side.
  4. In the unoccupied corner, the player who doesn’t have the ball moves.
  5. The player on that side passes the ball to her as she moves.
  6. After collecting the ball and returning it to the player who passed it to her, she then runs to the corner she just left to receive a pass from the other player.
  7. Players repeat this back-and-forth action for one minute and then switch roles.
  8. Once players improve their skills, they can play the pendulum game by counting the passes they make per minute.

soccer adviser logoTIP: Talk to the players about how the amount of force the passer should use to pass the ball to the receiving player affects how much the pass must be led.

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