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How Much Does Private Soccer Training Cost?

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Private Soccer Training: The What, The Why, The How.

If you have found yourself asking the question “how much does private soccer training cost?” then you already know you are looking for a training solution that you cannot quite get on a large team.

When you invest in private soccer training, you are investing in a true one-on-one learning experience that will take your skills above and beyond.

Private soccer training will allow you to have your own personal coach who is fully attentive to your questions and needs.

Private soccer coaches are very experienced and qualified to provide private lessons to anyone who is passionate about upping their soccer game. 

Bespoke Learning Experience

Often times, regular team practices and soccer camps do not offer the bespoke learning experience a player needs to reeally go from average to exceptional.

They just do not have the means to hone in on each individual and help them develop their skills to the max, certainly not in a 1-hour group session.

Of course, group training programs offer many other benefits but it is important to know its limitations with regards to meeting the needs of each player.

How Long Does A Private Soccer Training Session Last? 

Your private soccer training cost will usually determine the length of your training session. It also depends on the individual coach; some private coaches will charge you for individual sessions while others will provide a packaged deal. 

The average private soccer training session lasts for one hour, with some coaches providing sessions of 90 minutes. This may not seem like a long time, but it is enough to get your body into shape and fully focused on soccer.

Did you know that professional soccer players train for 4-5 hours a day? By committing to an hour of training, you can reach the level of the pros in no time! 

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Private Soccer Coach? 

Nobody can deny that being able to work with an expert coach in a one-on-one setting is one of the best ways to get good at soccer fast. But what are some of the other benefits of private soccer training?

Let’s take a look: 

  • You’ll meet realistic goals. A private trainer can help you set and then reach realistic accomplishments throughout your practices. 
  • You’ll identify your great skills. With a seasoned eye, any private soccer coach will be able to identify your strongest soccer skills and you will be able to improve them even more during individual training. 
  • You can build a relationship with a pro. Knowing people in the industry is never a bad thing, and you can develop a relationship with your experienced private coach to give you a leg up in the soccer world. 

The benefits of private soccer training are too vast to ignore. However, this method of soccer practice isn’t for everyone. Below, we will look at a couple of drawbacks you might encounter when seeking a personal coach. 

Are There Any Downsides To Having A Private Soccer Coach? 

Nobody will enjoy private soccer lessons if they aren’t enjoyable.

Some people have experienced downsides such as:

  • You risk overtraining. Some coaches push a little too hard, which could cause you to get burned out way too fast and feel demotivated.
  • You don’t get the benefit of playing on a team. While you can always sign up to play on a team alongside your private coach training, having that one-on-one experience doesn’t give you the best teamwork practice. 

Ask yourself if you work better alone or in a group setting. Personal trainers can help you achieve better focus and hone your individual skills while you prepare for your next big soccer match. 

How Much Does Private Soccer Training Cost? 

Your private soccer training cost might differ depending on the individual coach or company you sign up with. The price tag might also be different depending on the number of people signing up for private coaching at once.

The average cost for private soccer training is $40 – $80, with lowered prices for individuals signing up as a team or small group. 

How Has Covid-19 Had An Effect On Private Soccer Training?

Since mid-2020 many companies offering private soccer training have had to reinvent themselves and now offer virtual private soccer training.

Virtual private soccer training cost should be significantly lower than standard one-to-one training due to its limitations, however, it is still a popular and efficient solution for anybody hoping to stay on top of their game but avoid the risk factor.

Here is an example of a company that offers private one-to-one soccer training, group/team training, and another that now offers virtual training. You can get a better understanding of the packages and prices currently offered in a competitive market.


1 Private Training Session1 (max)$60
2 Private Training Sessions1 (max)$100 (save $20)
4 Private Training Sessions1 (max)$200 (save $40)
8 Private Training Sessions1 (max)$400 (save $80)

This is how most companies and coaches will offer their services. There will be a set price for the 60-90 minute slot and more than likely a discount offered for block bookings.

(1 athlete to 1 instructor)

1 Virtual Session$75
6 Virtual Sessions$420
12 Virtual Sessions$780

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