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10 Best Soccer Camps in California (For Summer 2024)

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In this article, we have prepared a list of the 10 Best Soccer Camps in California!

Soccer is a popular sport all over the world and many parents have trouble finding the best soccer academies that are all about developing skill and tactical awareness.

There are many different leagues and clubs that offer players of all levels to play competitively or just have fun playing with friends. Joining a soccer academy can be a great way to find new teammates or learn from professionals!

What Should You Be Looking For When Choosing A Soccer Camp?

Check the coach’s education and expertise.

Be sure that all of their coaches are qualified, preferably ones with strong work experience professionally in the game. 

Look over their past resumes before you commit to anything. How many years have they been active, what is their reputation like?

Visit the facilities to see what’s available and how they are being taken care of. 

Make sure that the coaches have an interest in kids’ development on all levels–physical, mental, social, academic – and not just soccer proficiency. 

If possible, participate in a camp or clinic to see what it’s really like to be there day-to-day! Ask questions of parents who’ve sent their children to this site and be thorough when researching reviews before signing up your child!

Why Sign Your Child Up To A Summer Soccer Camp?

It is extremely important for children to have a safe environment outside of school to let loose and have some fun. Keeping this in mind, many experts recommend enrolling them in soccer camp during the summertime if their child has an interest in sports or just likes being active.

Not only does playing soccer help keep kids busy, it helps build their confidence and teaches them that they can do things no matter what others say!

Soccer camp also creates opportunities for team-building exercises which will benefit the individual in high school when it starts becoming more competitive amongst friends teams. Keep your kids happy with camp during the summertime!

10 Best Soccer Camps in California

NIKE Soccer Sports Academy at the Cate School

What is better than being trained by the best of the best? At the NIKE Soccer Sports Academy at the Cate School in Carpinteria, California, you’ll find personalized development with low student-to-teacher class ratios. Formed in 1973, this soccer academy has been advancing player techniques on campuses in Southern California and Arizona for years. 

The NIKE Soccer Sports Academy at the Cate School offers technical training for elite players, position-specific training, a unique curriculum that is well-structured for maximum results, and a NIKE soccer camp t-shirt with handouts. By incorporating players into groups based on their age group and skill set, everyone can get something out of the NIKE Soccer Sports Academy at the Cate School. 

Everyone will have a good time at this NIKE soccer sports camp, while also receiving the training they need to become a better player. Some of the best reviews state “everyone was positive and friendly” at this camp, while others loved the “training that worked on their goalkeeper skills.” 

Age Range:

9th-12th Grade Students


Carpinteria, CA


The Soccer Academy California – Nike

July 21st-25thAll Day $420/Extended Day $490/Overnight $740
July 26th-July 21stAll Day $420/Extended Day $490/Overnight $740
August 1st-August 6thAll Day $420/Extended Day $490/Overnight $740

Stanford Soccer Camps

There is room for players of every age, training level, and background at Stanford Soccer Camps. With activities and training for both boys and girls, these soccer camps are available for players in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Participants fly in from around the country to attend Stanford Soccer Camps on the Stanford campus in Palo Alto, California. As the vision of prestige and class, even among soccer players, Stanford has some of the best training regimens available in these challenging soccer camps. 

When your student wants to deepen their soccer skills and dive into challenging techniques, there is no better place to do it than at Stanford Soccer Camps. Grades are broken down into levels for further individualization among skill sets.

The focus at Stanford Soccer Camps, though, is mainly to just have fun. Campers receive a signature Standford ball and t-shirt, too! 

It seems like parents are just as thrilled for their children to attend Standford Soccer Camps, as many claim they “can’t wait” for their child to start in facility reviews. 

Age Range:

K-12 Students


Palo Alto, CA

Website: Stanford Soccer

Youth Academy Camps (K-5)$450 Monday-Friday
Junior Elite Academy Session (5-10)$550 
College ID and Development (9-12)$500

NIKE Aztec Soccer Academy & Camps San Diego State University

Learn everything you need to know about soccer from professionals members of the Aztec soccer team at this NIKE-sponsored camp in San Diego, CA.

Working with the head coach and coaching staff of the SDSU Aztecs, participants will sharpen their technical skills, improve their mental skills, and work on the field where some of the top San Diego State University players train.

Competing at a high level in the state-of-the-art facilities at this college gives players a glimpse into what a Division I atmosphere is all about. 

At this camp, players will get first-hand experience with a college recruiting panel and will receive Elite technical training from some of the best coaches. Participation in team play, active skills development, and games can be expected from every session in this soccer academy. 

The NIKE Aztec Soccer Academy & Camps at San Diego State University are consistently awarded five-star reviews by participants. Players claim they “love the atmosphere” and “enjoyed ball-handling skills.”

Age Range:

6 years-21 years


San Diego, CA


NIKE Aztec Soccer Academy & Camps

Age Group 6-12Half-Day $150/Full Day $200
Age Group 13-21Half-Day $150/Full Day $200
Age Group 13-21Extended Day $550/Overnight $660

NIKE Vogelsinger Soccer Academy

At NIKE Vogelsinged Soccer Academy in Santa Barbara, CA, you can choose from 1-week, 2-week, 3-week, or goalkeeping academy options for your up-and-coming soccer player.

With a staff full of master teachers, this soccer academy strives for excellence. Designed for players of all age groups and abilities, anyone can feel welcome to step in and learn new tactics and skills to make them the best. 

The NIKE Vogelsinger Soccer Academy has been helping kids and youth perfect their skills since 1982, so they know a thing or two about what it takes to make a practical skillset perfectly fun and enjoyable.

Recently celebrating their 45th summer of training inspiring soccer players, the NIKE Vogelsinger Soccer Academy reminisces on all the soccer players they have helped from around the world. 

Parents claim the NIKE Vogelsinger Soccer Academy has been a positive experience for their children, with one mom specifically claiming this soccer academy inspired him to work harder and gain better belief in himself. 

Age Range: 9 Years-18 Years

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Website: NIKE Vogelsinger Soccer Academy

Ages 9-18Full Day $705/Extended Day $960/Overnight $1,120
Ages 12-18Full Day $705/Extended Day $960/Overnight $1,120

Lancer Soccer Camps at California Baptist

Best Soccer Camps in California

The Lancer Soccer Camp sessions at California Baptist are highly competitive. This is a fun program that only lets a select few campers in per session to ensure small student-to-coach ratios for individualized training on a personal level.

Unlike other camps that revel in the sheer number of athletes they bring in, Lancer Soccer Camps at California Baptist focus more on the quality of training as opposed to the number of students they bring in. 

Instead of following a blanket training approach for all attendees, this specific soccer camp trains every individual in their specific position. One-on-one training in this type of session sets players up for success on and off the field. Members of the California Men’s Baptist soccer team also assist with coaching and workouts at this soccer camp. 

Consistently ranked as a five-star soccer camp, Lancer Soccer Camps at California Baptist are renowned for their unique training setup and individualized approach. 

Age Range:

6 Years-13 Years


Riverside, CA


Lancer Soccer Camps at California Baptist

Age 6-14 Camp 9 AM-Noonto Daily$135
Second Sibling$120
CBU Staff$120

Europa Soccer Camp

From younger players who need help learning to appreciate the game of soccer to college athletes looking to hone in on their skills, Europa Soccer Camp entertains a wide age range of campers at one of two campus locations.

Shooting, dribbling, and 1v1 are options across all camps, while younger tykes get extra practice in skill development and sportsmanship. 

If you’re in the Advanced Academy, you can expect an intense approach toward making you a better soccer play. From sports nutrition to sports psychology to soccer-specific conditioning, participants are held to a higher standard than promotes confidence in themselves on and off the field. 

Europa Soccer Camp isn’t like any other soccer training camp, though. Parents state they are impressed by the “level of the coaches” and this camp is “beyond what they had hoped for.” This camp certainly leads players to a level of coachability that is longed for by coaches across the world. 

Age Range:

7 Years-18 Years


San Diego, CA and Santa Cruz, CA


Europa Soccer Camps

Smart Soccer Program½ Day $250/Day Camp $475/Residential Camp $695
Junior Soccer Academy½ Day $250/Day Camp $475/Residential Camp $695
Elite Soccer Academy½ Day $250/Day Camp $475/Residential Camp $695

*An Advanced Academy Program for 12-18 year-olds is also offered. 

NIKE Soccer Camp at Sierra Canyon School

Open to boys and girls ages six to fourteen, the NIKE Soccer Camp at Sierra Canyon School is a place to have fun and get better at soccer.

Perfect for players who want to improve their soccer game, learn new strategies, challenge themselves, and have a good time doing so, this soccer camp has a low coach to camper ratio. This means every camper gets undivided attention in order to progress their skills. 

Not only are campers learning new skills and strategies at every turn, but they are also staying busy in an action-packed setting where all campers can thrive and have a good time. Attendees will receive a NIKE camp shirt, as well as technical and fundamental development tips from elite coaches. 

Some parents stated that the best thing about this camp was that attendees were able to try out new positions and learn how to play them in a low-stress environment. Another parent said the staff is “positive and encouraging,” which is certainly a plus. 

Age Range:

6 Years-14 Years


Chatsworth, CA 


NIKE Soccer Camp at Sierra Canyon School

All Skills 6 Years-12 Years Co-Ed$195 Half Day Camp

NIKE Soccer Camp at Vanguard University

Located in Orange County, CA, the NIKE Soccer Camp at Vanguard University is directed by Yossi Raz, who is the Head Men’s Coach at UC Irvine and the founder of the Futbol Movement.

Every camper gets the opportunity to improve their technical skills and tactical responses, as well as enhance their overall knowledge of soccer. Girls and boys ages 6-16 years can attend this co-ed camp, which is a great opportunity for young players to develop their love for the game under the watchful eye of an experienced coach. 

Attendees will receive college coach and play instruction to further their skills, as well as elite technical skill development. A NIKE soccer camp t-shirt will also be provided. Participants can also enjoy the benefits of a 10:1 student-to-coach ratio, which guarantees in-depth coaching and event organization. 

Parents of campers state their excitement that camp coaches take their jobs seriously in teaching children the basics of soccer. 

Age Range: 6 Years to 18 Years

Location: Costa Mesa, CA 

Website: NIKE Soccer Camp at Vanguard University

Ages 6-16Half-Day /Full Day Options Available – Contact Camp For Prices

NIKE Soccer Camp with Prospect Soccer Academy-Laguna Niguel

Attendees can improve their soccer skills, and have fun doing it, at NIKE Soccer Camps with Prospect Soccer Academy in Laguna Niguel, CA.

Joining up with Prospect Soccer Academy, this NIKE soccer camp lasts for multiple weeks and follows an independent coaching system. Recruiting players of all ages who want to sharpen their soccer skills, this NIKE soccer camp generates a wealth of knowledge for players to carry with them even after they are gone. 

Unlike some camps, the NIKE Soccer Camp in Laguna Niguel is offered year-round. Guests can find sessions in spring, summer, and winter, which makes continued training and efforts maintain their cohesiveness. 

At the NIKE Soccer Camp with Prospect Soccer Academy in Laguna Niguel, you’ll find Thanksgiving camp dates, half-day and whole-day camp options, and a NIKE Soccer camp t-shirt for all attendees. Parents claim to enjoy the “encouraging and positive nature” of this soccer camp, too. 

Age Range:

All Skills (7-12 Years) and Elite Development (13-16 Years)


Laguna Niguel, CA


NIKE Soccer Camp with Prospect Soccer Academy

NIKE Soccer Camps in Larkspur

Take your soccer game to the next level with help from NIKE Soccer Camps in Larkspur, California. Encouraging attendees to study the technical and advanced aspects of soccer, as well as kinetics, this soccer camp offers a comprehensive approach toward skill development for players. Taking place at Redwood High School in Larkspur, this NIKE camp is highly competitive. 

At this camp, players will be taught the perfect mixture of traditional and modern methodologies, as well as allowing every play to progress to the next level of play as the coaches see fit. A brand-new Turf field is a highlight of this program in Larkspur, as is a unique structured curriculum. 

Parents are impressed by how well their kids enjoy “afternoon scrimmages” and the coaches who have taught them how to “juggle” the ball on their own. A structured schedule is also a plus for this camp that many attendees thrive upon. 

Age Range:

5 Years-18 Years


Larkspur, CA


NIKE Soccer Camp in Larkspur

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