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10 Best Soccer Academies & Camps In Arizona – (2024) Guide

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In this article, we have prepared a list of the 10 Best Soccer Academies in Arizona!

There are many different soccer camps in AZ that offer players of all levels the chance to improve their soccer skills. There are even academies that provide players with intensive training, starting from a young age and continuing up through the high school years and beyond.

What Should You Be Looking For When Choosing A Soccer Academy?

  • High expertise for coaching staff and, in some cases finding academies where their coaches have played at a high level like professional soccer.
  • Affordable tuition rates. You want to make sure the academy you choose is within your budget.
  • Wide variety of clinics and programs for players who want to improve technique, endurance, or quickness.
  • Located close to the parent’s work if possible (or wherever you live).
  • Includes fun games into the schedule so players can have some time just to enjoy themselves when they’re not practicing or playing matches. 
  • Soccer facilities such as soccer fields that are designed specifically for soccer training and not general field sports like rugby or cricket that could be taking place on those fields because this can lead to injuries.
  • * Bonus: Provides opportunities for college scholarships.

The academy ethos should also mention developing your child as a person and not just an athlete.

Consider what you are looking for in your search for soccer academies that will help take your game to the next level!

Best Soccer Academies In Arizona

Arizona Soccer Academy

The Arizona Soccer Academy aims to enrich children’s lives through soccer play. Their two main programs are led by a group of well-trained coaches, providing a high-class quality when it comes to training.

With their programs provided, the children are given a challenging yet fun experience, allowing them to enjoy and develop their skills throughout time. At the same time, it educates them to display sportsmanship as individual players and as part of a team.

Age Range:

Aged 2-16 years old


Deer Valley Park -19602 N. 19th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85027

Copper Ridge Elementary – 10101 E. Thompson Peak Pkwy, Scottsdale, AZ 85255


Summer Sports Camp1st week – $3252nd week – $325
Booking both weeks guarantee a $50 discount
Northern Arizona Summer CampContact directly for more details
Private Training (one-on-one, small groups, position-specific)$60-90 per session depending on the age, level, coach, and amount of sessions

Barça Residency Academy

Barça Residency Academy is a top-notch soccer academy that specializes in the Barça kind of play. Its curated team of highly skilled coaches makes it one of the prominent soccer academies in the world. They help them develop their soccer skills and build confidence at the same time. 

Their soccer programs have earned countless high praises by many parents, commenting on its intense activities yet providing the best support for the kids. The children were treated like royalty, ensuring they receive the proper training they deserve.

Barça Residency Academy promises high-quality coaching and training, providing a unique soccer camp experience. Their facilities include a performance center, professionally graded fields, and a hotel and golf resort.

Age Range:

10-17 years old


12684 W Gila Bend Hwy, Casa Grande, AZ 85193, United States


Winter Camp Resident$1995 (Resident) $1295 (Commuter)
Three-Day Tryout Camp$449 (Resident) $199 (Commuter)

Phoenix Brazas Soccer Club

With each practice session lasting for an hour and 30 minutes each, Phoenix Brazas Soccer Club promises to deliver a highly competitive soccer program led by its professional coaching staff.

The curriculum plans to also educate the players in order to spark one’s true passion for soccer. Their program also enables the players to develop skills as an individual and as a team.

The club has a wide array of programs to choose from, carefully tailored for each age group. They take pride in their professional coaching which leaves parents feeling a sense of accomplishment with their children’s skills.

Not only are their staff highly-trained, but they also display a friendly and positive vibe that’ll encourage the players to exert their best effort out in the field.

Age Range:

4-18 years old


4802 E Ray Rd Suite 23-505, Phoenix, AZ 85044



Registration Fee (All ages)$250
Training Fee$400 (U7)$750 (U8-U10)$1,100 (U11-U12)$1,400 (U13-U14)$1,500 (U15-U19)
Separate Uniform Fee (All ages)$250

Gilbert Youth Soccer Association

Established back in 1984, the Gilbert Youth Soccer Association has delivered and will continue to deliver top-notch soccer training programs in Arizona. They offer recreational programs for both boys and girls.

They focus on group training and learning in order for the child to form their social skills and practice teamwork. Young players are also encouraged to play different positions in the team to develop their techniques to become outstanding overall players.

The soccer academy also encourages volunteer work from parents and adults as this is one way of receiving assistance. This also ensures a safe playing environment for the kids since their parents will be within the area as well.

Age Range:

3-19 years old


4260 S Greenfield Rd, Gilbert AZ 85297


Registration Fee (United Team)$300 for the entire season
Registration Fee (Recreational)Early Registration$75 (Residents)$85 (Non-Gilbert Residents)Regular Registration$85 (Residents)$95 (Non-Gilbert Residents)Late Registration$115 (Residents)$125 (Non-Gilbert Residents)
United Team Uniform Kit$300

FC Batavia Youth Soccer Club

FC Batavia’s pride and glory are its players, they’re able to find that sweet spot of nurturing the players, and at the same time challenging them to reach their potential–a mixture of encouragement and toughness.

The club’s unique training and coaching sessions yield fantastic results and a few lessons can guarantee huge improvements on the player.

They offer programs such as personal training, goalkeeper training, college program, overall athlete performance (OAP), and a lot more.

Age Range:

5-20 years old


Pinnacle Park – 21411 N 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85050

Reach 11 Sports Complex – 2425 E. Deer Valley Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85050

Paseo Highlands Park – 3435 W Pinnacle Peak Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85027

Paradise Valley Park – 17642 N 40th St., Phoenix, AZ 85032

Desert Broom Park – 29440 N. Cave Creek Rd., Cave Creek, AZ 85331


U5-U8 (Born 2014-17)$850
U9-U10 (Born 2012-13)$1,150
U11-U12 (Born 2010-11)$1,750
U13-U14 (Born 2008-09)$2,150
U15-U20 (Born 2002-07)$1,900

Arizona Soccer Skills Academy

The Arizona Soccer Skills Academy has many options of programs to choose from, depending on the skill level. Kids without any formal experience in playing soccer are welcome as well.

Their exquisite training helps the players boost their confidence and develop their soccer skills at the same time.

The coaches are knowledgeable and are able to communicate with children of any age effectively, resulting in an improvement in their performances. 

Group and private training sessions are also offered, it all comes down to personal preference. They also provide individual assessments to be able to determine one’s current skill.

Age Range:

4-18 years old


4546 E Haven Crest Dr. Gilbert, AZ 85297


After School Soccer Skills$150 for 6 sessions
Drop-In Soccer Skills$25 per session
Fall Saturday Skills & Scrimmages$125 for 4 weeks$175 for 6 weeks$225 for 8 weeks

RSL-AZ Southern Arizona Soccer Club

This soccer club provides training that is enjoyable and stimulating enough to allow further development of their players’ motor skills.

They also hold importance in educating their players to be good stewards both on and off-field. They offer an elite program available for both boys and girls, and also recreational programs for those who simply play for fun.

The high praises they receive from adults come from the soccer club’s team of well-trained coaches who are dedicated and hands-on with training the children.

They also offer financial aid in their programs, making it accessible for everyone regardless of socioeconomic status. The quality of training combined with their competitive fees has established a loyal bond between the club and the families.

Age Range:

9-19 years old.


2400 N Country Club Rd, Tucson AZ 85716

Registration Fee (Team)$350
Competitive and Advance Team$255 (U9-U14)$295 (U15-U19)
Registration Fee (Recreational)$85 (U4-U8)$115 (U9-U17)

Soccer Shots

Soccer Shots is a soccer club specifically geared towards the development of soccer skills from children aged 2-8 years old. They offer programs such as Mini(for 2 to 3 years old), Classic(3 to 5 years old), and Premier(5 to 8 years old).

Their curriculum varies on the program selected but their team of carefully selected coaches will generally educate the children about sportsmanship and enjoying soccer.

Their prices may vary from time to time so be sure to check their website to see any price change.

Age Range:

2-8 years old


4600 E Washington St Ste 300 Phoenix, AZ 85034


2 to 3 years old$199 approx. 
3 to 5 years old$180 approx.
5 to 8 years old$199 approx.

Arizona Sports Complex

With its state-of-the-art facilities, the Arizona Sports Complex features a lot of soccer programs for all ages and skill levels. They offer programs such as youth soccer leagues and youth camps.

They also provide private training packages through Coerver Arizona, ensuring a high-quality training experience. A curriculum is strictly followed to ensure the development of the players’ skills.

Arizona Sports Complex chooses its team of coaches, who are capable of training children of all ages. The amenities and staff are what most customers take notice of, and give high praises about.

Other features available are adult soccer and party rentals–making the Arizona Sports Complex a fun place to be in for everyone!

Age Range:

4-17 years old


3555 W Pinnacle Peak Rd, Glendale, AZ 85310


Individual (1-on-1)$50 per session
2-3 players$40/player/session
4-5 players$30/player/session
6 players$25/player/session

Arizona Soccer Club

The Arizona Soccer Club was founded for the sole purpose of an intense and goal-driven soccer program within the area. They offer two main programs, depending on the age of the child.

The Arizona Soccer Club’s curriculums are specially designed to develop and cultivate the child’s soccer skills, basing it off on the club’s philosophy of “Four Pillars”–technical, tactical, physical, and psychological.

They promise a safe environment to be able to learn and grow. The Arizona Soccer Club’s coaches are volunteers who also have their own families. The Arizona Soccer Club also offers other programs such as the Goal Keeper Program, futsal, other camps and clinics, and many more!

Age Range: 

5-18 years old


2305 E Knox Rd #101, Gilbert, AZ 85296, United States


Academy Program$945 (U7-U8)$1045 (U9-U10)
Thunder Program$1840 (U11-U14)$1785 (U15-U19)

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