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10 Best Soccer Academies in New York – (2024) Guide

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In this article, we have prepared a list of the 10 Best Soccer Academies in New York!

Soccer is a popular sport all over the world and many parents have trouble finding the best soccer academies that are all about developing skill and tactical awareness.

There are many different leagues and clubs that offer players of all levels to play competitively or just have fun playing with friends. Joining a soccer academy can be a great way to find new teammates or learn from professionals!

What Should You Be Looking For When Choosing A Soccer Academy?

Check the coach’s education and expertise.

Be sure that all of their coaches are qualified, preferably ones with strong work experience professionally in the game. 

Look over their past resumes before you commit to anything. How many years have they been active, what is their reputation like?

Visit the facilities to see what’s available and how they are being taken care of. 

Make sure that the coaches have an interest in kids’ development on all levels–physical, mental, social, academic – and not just soccer proficiency. 

If you’re able to, participate in a camp or clinic to learn what it’s like on a daily basis! Converse with other parents who sent their kids’ there and be thorough when reading reviews before enrolling your child!

10 Best Soccer Academies in New York

Metropolitan Oval Academy

Metropolitan Oval Academy - Best Soccer Academies in New York

The Oval Academy is one of the largest soccer academies in the world with more players than the majority of Academies found in the USA and the world. The academy has been in existence for almost 100 years and was founded in 1925.

It has locations in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Long Island. It is a diverse and multicultural academy and you’ll come across students speaking languages from Portuguese and Greek etc which is a testament that soccer is a world sport. The academy is host to highly skilled and licensed soccer coaches offering a stellar curriculum.

The academy coaches and staff are just as diverse as their students. They host soccer programs for girls, boys, and juniors. The Metropolitan academy coaches focus on these 4 stages of soccer-playing which are mastering the ball, technical excellence, decision making, and teamwork.

The academy has an excellent 4.3-star rating from over 93 reviews getting praise for its exceptional facilities and equally excellent coaches.

Age Range: 5 to 19 years old


60th St Maspeth, NY 11378


Summer skills academy camp$400

N.B. Contact the academy for more prices!

Soccer Kids NYC

Best Soccer Academies in New York - Soccer Kids

Soccer Kids Academy is undoubtedly one of the best soccer academies in New York. It is an award-winning Academy located in Queens New York, having won the Bethpage award for the best soccer program for kids in New York City in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Soccer kids will provide some of the best coaches for your kids who not only maintain high standards but are properly trained and equipped to work with your kids. The academy makes sure that classes are fun but also teach; valuable skills on the field that will ensure your child flourishes in both their skills and confidence.

Programs consist of various techniques depending on age and skill. These techniques involve dribbling, jumping, running, and zig-zagging amongst others.

Parents of children as young as 2 years old have praised the coaches for being able to instill skills, teamwork, and confidence in their kids earning the academy a 5-star review from a cumulative 89 reviews/

Age Range: 2 to 12


116-23 133rd St, South Ozone Park, NY 11420, USA


1 season registration fee (7 weeks)$189

VIP Soccer Academy

VIP Soccer academy is located in Brooklyn and is easily one of the best soccer academies in the state. They offer soccer practices, summer programs, and private soccer lessons for children as young as 3 to age 17. The academy prides itself in promoting sportsmanship healthy habits and teamwork amongst its students.

The academy also offers virtual VIP online lessons from some of the best coaches in the state. The academy operates weekly with classes running from 5 am to 9 pm from Monday to Sunday.

Parents have been utterly pleased with the coaches and their work praising them for caring about the children’s development on and off the field. More parents praise the coaches for instilling teamwork in their children earning the academy stellar star reviews.

Age Range: 3 to 17


1530 Oriental Blvd Brooklyn, NY 11235, United States


N.B. Contact the academy for prices!

Tiempo Soccer Academy

Looking for a premier soccer academy in Long Island where your children will get better with every class? Then look no further than Tiempo Academy located in South Nassau County. The Academy focuses on not only helping their learners recognize their full potential but also growing their mindset on and off the field.

The academy is run by coach Fernando who not only has a passion for soccer but also has a passion for teaching soccer to the youth and helping them achieve their goals. He is dedicated to teaching all his students and ensuring they all succeed.

The academy runs different programs for children of different age groups. There are two programs, the Junior development program for kids from 8 to 12 years old and the Small Group Mentorship program for children from 11 to 18 years old.

The goal for the former is to work on the students’ interest and love for soccer and the latter for players who are serious about improving and competing as athletes. Parents have lauded coach Fernando for being engaging and skillful earning the academy an outstanding 4.9 stars.

Age Range: 8 to 18 years old


South Nassau County, NY


N.B. Contact the academy for prices!

SB4U Academy

SB4U Academy is probably the best youth soccer academy in Staten Island, New York. The academy provides an array of activities for kids interested in participating, learning, and training in professional soccer. These activities include summer and winter camps, tournaments, private training, and competitions.

Coaches are there to provide tools for students to master all soccer fundamentals that will allow them to compete and play confidently. Coaches are experienced players and some of them being former SB4U Academy students themselves.

The coaches teach using a method known as the Total Soccer Method that is suited for clubs, academy players, and coaches of all skills, ages, and abilities. The method originates from the Netherlands and focuses on all soccer training aspects so your kids are sure to reach new heights.

The reviews highlight that coaches are great and create an incredible training and learning environment for kids of all ages earning the academy an excellent 4.9-star rating.

Age range: 3 to 12 years old


501 Brielle Ave Staten Island, NY 10314 United States


Annual recreational program membership fee$225
Monthly recreational program membership fee$175
Winter or Summer camp full day (5 days)$350
Winter or Summer cam half-day(5days)$275
Winter or Summer 1-day camp $90

N.B. check out the website for non-membership pricing and private lessons!

Alba Football Club

The Alba football club is a non-profit soccer club that operates and serves communities in the Bronx since 2003. Alba football club benefits students in many ways from improving the accuracy of ball passing, increases the endurance of players, and overall boosts their confidence to become better soccer players.

Their mission is to create a fun, enjoyable, and competitive environment for players to develop athletically and on and off the field.

The club hosts a variety of programs for kids one of them being the recreational program that hosts classes for the new students with little to no experience. They also host development, travel, private training, small group training, and monthly clinics.

All of these are for players that have advanced on their skills and are becoming proficient players. Many parents have been happy with the club’s services from developing their kids’ skills, from strong coaching and training earning the club an exceptional 5 stars from 22 reviews.

Age Range: 4 to 14 years old


 2018 Paulding Ave. 2Fl, Bronx, NY 10462


Recreation Program (5 lessons)$155
Development program (4 lessons)$210
Private training single session$75
5 private sesssion bundle$330
10 private session bundle$640
15 private session$930
1 monthly clinic$75
5 small group sessions$300
10 small group sessions$550
15 small group sessions$750

AB7 Soccer Academy

The AB7 soccer academy was founded by professional soccer players Ansi Agolli and Bledi Bardic. They established the academy to make soccer much more accessible to the youth of various ages in Staten Island.

Ansi Agolli is a highly decorated soccer player who has 16 trophies and is the captain of the Albanian football team. He has been playing soccer in Albania since age 9.

Bledi Bardic is also a highly decorated player from Yugoslavia who currently plays for Amsterdam FC. With these two highly decorated and established soccer players running the academy, your children will be in great hands.

The academy runs various programs, a group program, a finishing program, a defensive program, and a goalkeeper program. Whatever interests or position your child would love to play, they will be allocated programs to best fit the desired outcome.

The academy has a more than impressive 5-star rating, parents have expressed satisfaction with the academy’s trainers and environment.

Age Range: 5 to 17 years old


215 Schmidts Ln, Staten Island, NY 10314


N.B. Contact the academy for prices.

Long Island City Youth Soccer Academy

The Soccer academy located in Long Island is one of the best soccer academies in the state of New York. The academy offers a platform for children and teenagers to develop their athletic abilities and have fun through soccer.

Team building, skill improvement, and harnessing confidence in students is the ultimate goal of the academy. In this way, your child learns and develops in a non-stressful and fun environment. The coaching staff are trained and have years of soccer-playing experience.

 The head of coaching staff has an impressive resume having played on numerous teams such as the New York Albanians and Westchester flames among others.

The academy offers indoor and outdoor training all year round as well as personal training and summer camps. The academy has earned an impressive 4.8 stars from parents claiming the coaching and staff are simply second to none.

Age Range:  2 to 16 years old


Murray Playground, 45 Ave. and 21 St., Long Island City 11101


Non-travel yearly program (training sessions only)$1320
Travel program (training sessions and away games)$1650
Toddler Saturdays (6 sessions)$220
Summer camp (full week)$250

Downton United Soccer Club

If you looking for an academy that will inspire, educate and train your children the Downtown United Soccer Club is the perfect club for them. It provides a conductive, respectful, and peaceful environment for children of various ages. For those interested, the club might inspire a lifelong love and appreciation for the sport.

The club serves about 5000 students annually in Manhattan and the greater NY area. Coaches consist of a mix of professional players with years of experience and some who are new to coaching and have a passion for the sport.

The club offers various programs from the seasonal academy to camps, classes, and D-League sessions amongst others. Sessions are also hosted in different fields and areas around New York. The club has an exceptional 4.6 stars for its equally exceptional organization and great staff.

Age Range: 3 to 23 years old




2021/2022 Academy season $2500 to $3500

N.B. Check the website for more prices the academy has over 50 program pieces!

DV7 Academy

DV7 Academy is a franchise of international academies founded by the world-renowned soccer player,  former World Cup WInner, and the all-time leading goal scorer of Spain, David Villa. The academies are oriented towards using the DV7 method to teach soccer to children and the youth.

The methodology has helped various students develop and improve their technique and confidence off and on the sports field. This methodology has been used to train Villa himself under numerous world-renowned coaches to make him the soccer success story he is today.

The DV7 method consists of the high-performance academy for development and performance, camps, school development program, supplemental program, and Clinics.

All these offer different outcomes depending on your child’s skill and ability. Parents have lauded the academy for its exceptional training, and opportunities for children to travel to Spain for exposure to the greatest soccer opportunities scoring the academy a great 4.5-star rating.

Age Range: 5 to 17 years old


122 State School Rd, Warwick, NY 10990, United States


N.B. Check out the website for prices!

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