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Best Soft Ground Soccer Cleats

best soft ground soccer cleats

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The Best Soft Ground Soccer Cleats On The Market

With so much to choose from these days, buying the right pair of soccer cleats can become a difficult thing to accomplish. You want to get the best available within your budget and you don’t want to have buyer’s remorse!

When it comes to buying soccer cleats, another challenge is the fact that there are a few different types of cleats available and each of these are for different terrains. You can check this post out to learn more about the best soccer cleats for each surface; this is very important if you want to prevent injury, so do have a read!

In this post we are going to be looking at the best SOFT GROUND soccer cleats and why they deserve a spot in a list of the best SG soccer cleats on the market.

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Main Things To Consider When Buying Soccer Cleats

  • Price
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Suitability

When Should You Buy Soft Ground Soccer Cleats?

For softer ground terrain such as wet grass and professional cushioned and maintained ground, you would use Soft Ground Cleats. Soft Ground Cleats usually have removable metal studs or a combination of metal and TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) studs which can be replaced.

These are intended primarily for moist, natural grass areas as they are more cushioned, making soft ground cleats the best option.

wet muddy moist soft ground terrain

Although they are generally used by professional players, as this is the typical type of ground they have matches on. I would recommend Soft Ground cleats if you are playing on standard wet grass that has been dampened by the rain, whether the night before your match or the day of it.

Best Soft Ground Soccer Cleats By Review & Price

The Puma King Pro Soft Ground Soccer Cleats are made of PUMA’s patented Lite leather for comfort and durability. These are possibly the most popular soft ground soccer cleat sold online and have an average online customer rating overall of 4.5/5.

They offer great padding, making them even more secure and comfortable for long-term wear and long usage due to their quilted panels as well as the GripTex ankle lining which helps to prevent blisters which are very common on cheaper cleats.

They have an overall sleek and classic design which is common of a Puma shoe but the gold detail really emphasizes the “king pro” feel they were going for.


  1. Very comfortable and offer a great fit for wide feet.
  2. They offer excellent value for the money.
  3. Classic Puma soccer cleat which has been crowned as some of the best cleats on the market for years and many people buy a third and second pair once they do eventually wear down.
  4. Good size range for youth starting out and adults.


  1. Sometimes the boots arrive without the studs being pre tightened. If you are unaware of this, and go to play in them right away, you may loose some so be sure to tighten them before use.
  2. The leather is a bit more stiff than expected offering less flexibility than desired.

The Adidas Kaiser 5 Cup Soft Ground Soccer Cleats are known for being very comfortable shoes, great for long periods of usage, and have been improved upon since first release now offering moulded EVA insoles. These have been included for an anatomical fit and great step-in comfort which gives the player even more cushioning.

Since 2010, when they were first released, they’ve earned their place in the top 3 due to their consistent great performance and customer appreciation. It is very typical of a soccer player to try these and only replace them when they want a new style or colour but you will find they always speak highly of the Kaiser 5 Cups.

These have been chosen for the editor’s pick as you really cannot fault them. You get that classic build quality, 100% leather. With a great overall look and feel. You will not be rushing back out to the shop to buy another pair and the studs are secure and long-lasting. For somebody after a pair of soccer cleats for narrow feet you cannot go wrong with these.


  1. Very comfortable for those seeking soccer cleats for narrow feet, fits like a glove.
  2. Great, high quality shoes for the price.
  3. 100% leather, strong and long lasting which is common of such a classic build quality shoe.


  1. If style is your priority you won’t get much here. They only come in black and white with a little bit of red detail on the tongue and outsole.
  2. Made for narrow feet, you may need to order a size up for a decent fit.

The Adidas Predator 19.3 Soft Ground Soccer Cleats are very popular on the market as for most people who have tried and love the artificial grass version, indoor version or the firm ground version would certainly give these a swing if the need arises for soft ground cleats.

The embossed texture on the outside of the shoe is not just a visual design feature but a practical one helping the player to connect to the ball and have a better grip of it while dribbling and passing.


  1. Excellent fit around the ankle with the ankle support sleeve. This provides a very secure and snug fit when on the field.
  2. They lace right to the top.
  3. Soccer players have stated that they are long-lasting and very durable.
  4. They offer great traction.
  5. There is a nice range of unique colors and styles available.


  1. Laces are considered a downside for many soccer players these days. They can come undone and reduce the striking surface.
  2. They do not have the greatest ventilation which means after some time your feet may become hot and sweaty leaving a bad smell in the shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between firm ground and soft ground soccer cleats?

The long metal studs of soft ground cleats are safer for use on wet grass and cushioned terrain as they stop you from slipping on the surface. These studs are able to penetrate the ground better and gain traction, securing you with every step as you move across the pitch.

Whereas firm ground soccer cleats offer better traction on dry, hard surfaces such as normal/dry weather condition grass. Firm ground soccer cleats will be most appropriate for most players playing matches outside on standard grass in casual weather.

If you will not be playing on wet or professional cushioned surfaces as mentioned above, DO NOT buy soft ground cleats. You would be better suited with Firm Ground Cleats or Artificial Grass Cleats depending on your typical play surface, so please check out the corresponding articles for further information on the best soccer cleats for those terrains.

How do you replace soft ground soccer cleat studs?

Replacing soft ground soccer cleat studs is quite easy to do. Your cleats will come with a tool to help you loosen and tighten your studs. You can buy soft ground soccer cleat stud replacements from sports stores in person or online. There are generic ones and ones made for your specific shoe type so be sure to verify if the studs you buy are the right fit.


So, those are the best soft ground soccer cleats on the market. Hopefully you have been informed enough to make the best decision for your needs or have considered your other soccer cleat options. If you have found this buyer’s guide useful please feel free to comment or share with others 🙂

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