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5 Best Turf Soccer Shoes For Wide Feet

5 Best Turf Soccer Shoes For Wide Feet

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Whether you are a soccer enthusiast who plays on the weekend with friends or a budding professional soccer player aiming to move up in the ranks, finding the right soccer cleats that fit well are extremely important. Chances are you are in the market for soccer shoes for wide feet because you have experienced the pain of wearing shoes that are too narrow.

Not only do those feel uncomfortable but they result in very painful blisters that effect your ability to play well, if at all. This is more common than you may think!

The solution to that is to find soccer cleats specifically for wide feet that fit you like a glove, this post will help you do just that. In this post, list the 5 best turf soccer shoes for wide feet and then I will further break that down to the top 3 and finally, the editor’s pick.

* You may see me interchangeably refer to them as “turf”, “artificial turf” or “artificial grass” – these all mean the same thing and are just named according to the manufacturer.

Turf Shoes VS Running Shoes

Turf shoes (also known as artificial grass cleats) are ideal for both indoor and outdoor turf surfaces. Turf shoes have can have a flat/slightly textured surface outsole or a more rigid stud-like outsole.

They are usually low cut with a slightly harder outsole than typical running shoes as traction is required in soccer, for quick-paced movements and changes in direction.

Running shoes, however, do not provide the same amount of efficiency on turf surfaces as they are not made specifically for this purpose. You may slip, causing an injury due to the lack of traction they will have and you will not be able to run as fast or steadily.

Turf Shoes VS Firm Ground Cleats

Firm-ground cleats are best used on outdoor, dry, grassy fields. They are designed for these surfaces and offer better grip and traction on this type of terrain than artificial turf shoes would offer.

However,  some firm ground cleats can also be used safely on artificial grass.

Shoes For Wide Feet

Many people struggle to find the perfect shoe for wide feet, as many cleats are made with a more narrow front and thus, run smaller on most sizes.

Over time, after wearing them in (allowing them to adjust to your feet) they may fit more comfortably but that is not always the case.

Choosing a cleat which is designed specifically for wider feet means that you can steer clear of issues like foot pains and blisters in the middle of the game, and focus solely on your best performance


Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleats

adidas Performance Men's MUNDIAL TEAM Athletic Shoe, black/white/red, 10.5 M US

Adidas AG is a German multinational corporation that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing, and accessories. It is the largest sportswear industrialist in Europe and the second-largest in the world. It goes without saying that you will receive some of the best quality products on the market from a company of such a caliber.

They have a wide variety of self-manufactured sports shoes, one of them being the Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleats, made of 100% leather with immense stability on artificial ground.

adidas Performance Men's MUNDIAL TEAM Athletic Shoe, black/white/red, 10.5 M US
adidas Performance Men's MUNDIAL TEAM Athletic Shoe, black/white/red, 10.5 M US

With a durable rubber sole to provide the best result on turf, its shaft measures up to 6-12 inches from the arch. With the best synthetic lining and a Traxion outsole, the shoe provides the most satisfying stability on artificial turf. The Die-cut EVA sole and the Moulded EVA mid-sole ensure that the shoe brings the best of your game onto the field.


  1. Perfect fit for flat and wide feet.
  2. Product is made in Germany, not under license in the Far East, which, according to some customers, indicates a good quality product.
  3. The shoe expands to accommodate wide feet.
  4. The shoe fits true to size.
  5. Does not create heel pains.


  1. According to certain reviews, the leather doesn’t feel as authentic as it did in previous pairs.

Nike is an American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells sportswear of all kinds.

They are the largest manufacturers of sportswear in the whole world, and their extreme dedication shines through in their turf soccer cleats, mainly the Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Academy MDS Artificial Turf Soccer Cleat which comes in both a youth range and an adult range.

The Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 is made with soft synthetic material and a dynamic fit collar, there is a guarantee that this shoe will be the perfect fit.

Its micro-texture quality from the heel to toe gives one the best precision at high speeds.

Nike Mercurial Superfly VII Academy Are The Best Turf Soccer Shoes For Wide Feet

Based on Nike Sports Research Lab analysis of player movements, the rubber sole is designed to provide multidirectional traction on street, court and indoor surfaces.


  1. They do not run slim like most cleats.
  2. Light and well made.
  3. Reviewed excellent for the price.
  4. The thin material of the shoe gave a better finesse to the ball.
  5. High-quality pair of cleats for all player levels.
  6. Very comfortable and secure fit.


  1. They do not offer great durability.

Although ANLUKE is not as well-known as the other brands on this list, it does, however, stand as a strong contender in terms of good quality and long-lasting sportswear as well as bang for your buck.

With a wide variety of products made with the utmost care and precision, ANLUKE continues to impress with its positive customer feedback.

The ANLUKE Men’s Athletic Hightop Soccer Cleats, provide the best finish with PU leather. The leather provides supreme comfort, with high-top fabric knit details for a remarkable performance.

ANLUKE Men's Athletic Hightop Cleats Soccer Shoes Football Team Turf Shoes Blue 43
ANLUKE Men's Athletic Hightop Cleats Soccer Shoes Football Team Turf Shoes Blue 43

The dynamic high-top fit collar protects the ankle and provides a firm and reliable grip.

The TPU Outsole and the unique transparent cleats add to the grandeur of the product, minimizing chances of dissatisfaction. Grander material provides constant and dependable ball control in both dry and wet conditions.


  1. Lightweight and comfy.
  2. Mesh around the ankle keeps feet cool.
  3. Barely get dirty.
  4. Great for both turf and grass.
  5. Able to endure side to side transitions.
  6. Respond well to athletic movements.
  7. Sturdy looking.


  • Some players have complained about them having holes in the studs.
  • Some players have said that they caused discomfort after some time on the field.
  • Not much impact protection.
  • Not as wide as the other pairs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the three most important things to look for in a perfect soccer shoe?

Professionals mainly look for a shoe with the perfect;

  • Fit.
  • Touch.
  • Traction.

It depends on how the player prioritizes each of these attributes but it’s a must for a good soccer shoe to tick all of these boxes. 

Should one go for laceless or laced soccer cleats?

Soccer cleats with laces offer great lockdown, which can increase a barefoot touch feel.

However, the laces do not offer a pure striking surface. While laceless soccer cleats offer a clean striking surface, leaving your kick uninhibited from laces, sometimes these models don’t always have the snuggest fit.

Consensus suggests that one should pick a shoe that fits their playing style the best.

What soccer cleats are perfect for what positions?

Forwards and strikers opt for speed cleats, whereas midfielders prefer control cleats for best performance. Defenders go for speed cleats, and some choose leather cleats for exceptional control. Goalkeepers, however, go for cleats with the most comfortable fit so they can assist them well in incredible saves.


It is no easy task to find the best turf soccer shoes, especially for wide feet. It is a strenuous struggle to search for the best pair, but the strain is worth it. There’s nothing like having the perfect shoe for a perfect game.

ANLUKE Men's Athletic Hightop Cleats Soccer Shoes Football Team Turf Shoes Blue 43

ANLUKE Men's Athletic Hightop Cleats Soccer Shoes Football Team Turf Shoes Blue 43

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