5 Best Soccer Balls For Playing On Concrete

Best Soccer Balls For Playing On Concrete

There are many different types of soccer balls, but not all will work best for playing soccer on concrete. You’ll need to make sure you have a ball that’s soft enough to handle the hard surface, yet tough and durable, and one that won’t go out of control too easily.

If you are in search of the best soccer ball for concrete, you should also consider how much money you want to spend and what size ball is best for your skill level.

Read this article for more information on the five best soccer balls for playing on concrete!

Best Soccer Balls For Playing On Concrete & Hard Terrain

Playing Soccer On Concrete Vs. Grass

There isn’t really a debate between playing soccer on concrete vs. grass. This is, of course, down to preference and availability. Sometimes concrete is all you have access to, but you still want to ensure you are getting your soccer practice in at home.

Other times, you might just be playing a friendly game on tarmac or indoors, and you have noticed that the ball you usually use for playing on the grass just doesn’t feel the same concrete or hardwood flooring.

If there is an argument about which surface is better, grass will always win, as that is how the professional game is played. 

On grass, the feel of the ball is different, the bounce is different, and you get the added benefit of practicing your slide tackles.

While on concrete, you do not need to worry about getting injured by someone stepping on your ankle or kicking you accidentally with their studded firm ground soccer cleats. Ouch!. 

The bottom line is, each surface will have its upsides and downsides when it comes to practice, and it is ultimately down to your preference. 

Choosing the right soccer ball for the surface, you intend to play on is paramount.

What You Should Be Looking For When Choosing The Best Soccer Ball For Concrete:

1. Durability

Concrete is hard on a soccer ball. You want to make sure it will last for an extended period of time. If you’re looking for the most durable, then go with one made out of synthetic leather or rubber – they won’t break down as quickly as balls made from natural materials.

2. Size

If you’re looking for a ball that’s easier to play with, then consider getting one that is between 3 and 4 inches in diameter. The smaller size will make it easier to keep control of the ball and pass accurately.

3. What Terrain The Soccer Ball Is Made For

Just because you can kick a ball, doesn’t mean it is right for all-terrain. You need to ensure the ball specifies that it is made for concrete, gravel, rocks etc. As a standard soccer ball would not last a week on such terrain.

Likewise, if you plan on playing beach soccer, you wouldn’t be playing with the best soccer ball for concrete, you would probably be best suited to finding a ball specifically for playing beach soccer as the material and weight would vary.

An affordable and durable rubber ball suitable for hard terrain
Cheaper in comparison to most other durable concrete/ rough terrain soccer balls.
Advertised as both a soccer ball and basketball. The two of which have very different attributes. You might find that this ball is a bit too bouncy for soccer play.

Soccer Adviser Score

this little Indestructible gem is well worth having.
If you are looking for an indestructible soccer ball that also does good in the world, then look. no further.

The One World Play Project Soccer Ball/ Futbol is the best for playing on concrete. The ball’s design, material, and weight vary from other balls which make it ideal for rough terrain as well as being eco-friendly.

The ball is made of natural rubber and hemp stitching which makes it much stronger than synthetic latex or bladders used in most conventional soccer balls.

It has no air bladder inside so there are no risks of leaks like you might find with other soccer balls that have a pump and valve system making them not suitable for long-term usage on hard terrain.
For each One World soccer ball sold, the company donates a percentage to communities in need to provide them with play and other training equipment.
Long-lasting and durable. Even on the roughest terrain, this ball will not wear down.
Ethically manufactured.
Your dog will not destroy it. And he will try!
It is really hard to dislike this ball, the only con would be the price.

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a FIFa approved street soccer ball with a lot of swag.
The first thing that stands out is the design. It is definitely a cool-looking soccer ball but what about the features? What makes this ball so good for playing on concrete and other rough terrains?

Durability And Puncture Protection.
When looking for a ball that will withstand harsh conditions in comparison to soft grass, a durable ball that will not fall apart when it comes into contact with hard rocks or even barbed wire.

The Street Ball from Soccer Innovations has been designed to do and be just that and is available in sizes 4 & 5.
It is a great looking ball.
Designed to be the weight and size of official FIFA approved soccer balls so can be used on and off of a soccer field.
The bright colors will eventually fade with use. If you bought it primarily for it’s appearance this is important to consider.

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