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10 Best Soccer Academies In Los Angeles – (2024) Guide

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In this post, we list 10 of the best soccer academies in Los Angeles and around the LA area.

Euro Soccer USA

Best Soccer Academies In Los Angeles

Euro Soccer USA is a certified toddler and youth soccer program in Los Angeles. They dedicate their time training children to develop their soccer skills in a fun and safe way.

They offer many programs such as clinics, camps, private and group sessions, and leagues catered for specific age groups. Their main mission is to keep participants engaged through appropriate challenging programs, whilst maintaining the enjoyment the children deserve.

Many of the parents praise the high-quality training and the attentiveness of the staff. The knowledgeable set of coaches Euro Soccer USA has is one of the main reasons why the participants here don’t want to miss a single training session.

Age Range:

18 months to 12 years old


5556 S. Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066


Sunday Drop-In $37.50
Saturday Drop-In$37.50
9 Weeks Classes$275.00

Paris Saint-Germain Academy

Recognized as an elite soccer academy in Los Angeles, Paris Saint-Germain Academy takes pride in its advanced soccer programs for the youth.

They specialize in training boys and girls how to play soccer by European standards. They offer two main programs–recreational and competitive, this will depend on the age and the skill of the participant.

The coaches are organized and professional, ensuring that each participant gets to carefully learn the techniques of the sport.

Most parents are impressed by the high-quality training their children received. Paris Saint-Germain Academy also promises to deliver a safe environment for the participants, carefully being supervised by its headquarters.

They also have their own campus that’s based in Florida where elite tournaments are being hosted.

Age Range:

4-15 years old.


1845 Vassar St, Glendale, CA 91204


U6-U12 Future Stars Registration Fee$100
U6-U17 Competitive Teams Registration Fee$350

Los Angeles United Futbol Academy

LAUFA commits to providing a premier youth soccer experience for its participants. They are officially partnered with Adidas and other renowned companies. They help their players maximize their potential in whichever position they play. Their competitive and challenging training sessions have molded a lot of skillful players.

The soccer academy specializes in elite levels and competitive levels and also hosts soccer camps from time to time. They believe that every participant deserves the best soccer training and experience, regardless of their socioeconomic status. 

The coaches are professional, organized, and extremely helpful towards the players. Many parents trust the soccer academy for its outstanding staff.

Age Range:

4-18 years old


1844 Cypress Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90065


Elite Levels (MLS Next, Elite Academy League)Direct contact or email
Competitive Levels (Premier, Gold, Silver Elite, Silver, Bronze)Direct contact or email

Los Angeles Soccer Association

LASA is a well-known soccer academy that caters to the development of soccer techniques for children of all ages and skill levels. They take pride in establishing a bond between the coaches and the players, creating a safe environment to play soccer in.

They offer programs such as Diamond League, soccer camps, Academy, and Club. These programs were specially designed to help train the children into unleashing their full potential out in the field. The Diamond League is their introductory program whereas their Club is the most advanced program yet. 

They also offer private and semi-private training sessions, however, prices will be determined once in contact with the academy.

Age Range:

4 years old to above


1710 N Fuller Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046


Diamond/Academy (4 weeks)$100
Diamond/Academy (8 weeks)$185
Diamond/Academy (12 weeks)$260

GB Soccer School

GB Soccer School is a soccer academy that provides an educational experience of learning soccer. Their programs vary between different age groups of the participants.

Their “Parent & Me” program is for children aged 18 months to 2 and a half years old, “Tiny Kicks” for 2 and a half up to 3 and a half years old, “Mini Kicks” for 3 and a half years old up to 5 years old.

Their “Junior Kicks” program is suitable for children ages 5 to 7 years old. And lastly, their “Big Kicks” curriculum is for kids above 7 years old.

Age Range:

18 months to 12 years old


3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604


Parent & Me Class Cycle $280 (35-40 minutes)$280 (45 minutes)$320 (1 hour)
One on One private training$250 per session
Semi-private training $300 per session (2 children)

Evolve Soccer LA

Evolve Soccer LA offers a wide variety of soccer programs for both youth and adults. The soccer academy is equipped with high-class facilities such as an indoor futsal field and an outdoor soccer turf.

Their staff of coaches is knowledgeable and professional, ensuring a fun and safe learning experience, especially for beginners. Nonetheless, kids of all ages and skill levels are welcome to join a match and play.

Evolve Soccer LA also provides party rentals so that the little ones can celebrate their birthday in their area!

Age Range:

4-18 years old (for youth)


1921 Blake Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039


Single Day Camp $120 (Single day)$70 (Single half day)
3-Day Thanksgiving Camp$310 (3-day full camp)$200 (3-day half-day camp)
4-Day Winter Camp$400 (4-day full camp)$250 (4-day half-day camp)
5-Day Winter Camp$500 (5-day full camp)$300 (5-day half-day camp)
Youth Pick-Up Game$10

Emerge Kids Soccer Academy

The Emerge Kids Soccer Academy provides a fruitful soccer learning experience for the children. They have three main programs–Beginners, Pre-Academy, and Academy. Their “Beginners” program focuses on developing the children’s motor and soccer skills in an engaging and educational manner.

Their “Pre-Academy” course helps the children prepare for their Academy program, this is done by teaching a few more techniques that are necessary when playing soccer.

Lastly, their “Academy” curriculum focuses on a more comprehensive style of teaching soccer, children are placed in a scrimmage to have a feel of a real soccer match.

Many parents give this soccer academy high praises for the structure of its programs and the friendliness of its coaches.

Age Range:

2-9 years old


1714 N McCadden Pl #2105, Los Angeles, CA 90028


Kids & Toddlers Fall 2021 Season (8 Weeks)$245 (originally $300)

Hollywood Soccer Academy

Located near Griffith Park, the Hollywood Soccer Academy’s mission is to strengthen the soccer IQ of children ages 3-14 with their top-notch soccer programs.

They offer year-round programs to maintain the consistency of their training, they value competitive training and aims to provide a diverse learning experience for their players.

Their soccer programs focus on the players’ footwork, pace, and agility. Most importantly, they value sportsmanship and practice humility among the children.

The coaches are patient and well-trained, making the kids learn soccer at their own natural pace without any pressure, which is why parents always comment on their children’s major improvement when enrolling them at Hollywood Soccer Academy.

Age Range:

3-14 years old


3401 Riverside Dr, Los Angeles CA 90027


Teams$1200/year (or $134/month)$420/trimester
Clinics (10-12 weeks)$250 (once a week)$375 (twice a week)$450 (thrice a week)
Private Training$700/child (1-4 players)$400/child (5-8 players)

Soccer Routes

Soccer Routes separates itself from other soccer academies through a different approach to training young children. They take pride in their group of coaches since they believe in hands-on learning.

They ensure a healthy relationship between their coaches and the families, which is what makes them continue their lessons here on Soccer Routes.

They offer a regular package which includes 10 lessons, and if a private lesson is more preferred, the price would depend on whether a junior coach or the head coach is chosen.

Overall, many are glad about their experience in Soccer Routes, the children are being taught how to maximize their soccer-playing capabilities and at the same time building their confidence.

Age Range:

2-9 years old


5000 Westpark Dr North Hollywood, CA 91601


Regular Package (10 Lessons)$400
Private Lesson (Junior Coach)$100
Private Lesson (Head Coach)$120

Olé Soccer Club

The Olé Soccer Club provides competitive training sessions that keep the players engaged and motivated. Established in 2016, this soccer club has already made a rapport among many families who are impressed with the high-class coaching.

The children are tested through challenging training and stimulating physical tasks, which also allows them to socially interact with other children.

It’s no surprise that this soccer academy has received tons of good reviews, and it’s all thanks to the coaches behind the team.

The coaches of this club focus on the development of the children, inspiring them to become great leaders and beasts in the playing field.

This soccer academy also accepts donations to continue funding their programs (such as field rentals, coaches payments, and other types of equipment necessary for training) and providing the best soccer experience possible to their participants.

Age Range: 

5-13 years old


14201 Huston St, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


Club TryoutsDirect contact or email
Futsal LeagueDirect contact or email
Toddler ProgramDirect contact or email

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