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What Soccer Position Should I Play? How to Choose the Best Position for You

what soccer position should i play by soccer adviser

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Now that you want to take your soccer playing to the next level, you will have to decide on a position. Some of the most popular positions in soccer are the goalkeeper, midfielder, and striker positions.

The strikers serve electrifying goals, and goalkeepers keep balls out of the net. Every player on the pitch hopes his team walks away with the most goals by sabotaging the opponent’s attack tactics and reinforcing the team’s defense.

A player’s position affects his career in soccer. If you play a soccer position that doesn’t suit your personality, you’ll have a miserable time on the pitch. Additionally, your career may end before it starts. The position dictates the areas of practice you need. For example, a center back is the middle player. He keeps the opponent’s balls away from his team’s half of the pitch and his team’s balls on the opponent’s side of the pitch.

All Soccer Positions Explained

The Goalkeeper

goalkeeper position

A goalkeeper should have strong hands and legs and should be fast and agile at all times. He can jump as high as necessary and throw himself at a ball to keep it outside the goal. The goalie is the head defender and also in a leadership role on the pitch to keep his team together when the opponent attacks. To be one of the most sort-after goalies, you need great coordination of your limbs and excellent hand-eye movement.

The full-back & the wing-back

The full-back and the wing-back positions stop all attack missions of the opponent. These positions play beside the goalkeeper, where they are the second-level defense for balls that pass past the defensive midfielder. As a full back or wing back, you also take away the ball from the other team and begin the attacking play as fast as possible. To play as a full-back or a wing-back, you should be aggressive, fast, alert, and make good, well-calculated decisions.

Center defense

The center back is the last defensive position before the ball gets to the goalkeeper. This player is between the full-back and the wing-back. A great center back is alert and makes decisions fast. He is also a good communicator who approaches each defense or attack opportunity with confidence. This necessitates excellent defense skills.

Center midfielder

midfielder position

To play in this position, you attack or defend as often as the match requires. This player stays in the center of the pitch, and he must be athletic. Your quick response will assist your team in scoring, but you might not be the one who takes the goal home. Therefore, a center midfielder must be generous and let others shine.

Additionally, he has above average jumping skills to serve headers for the team. To make it in this position, you must have speed and accuracy.

The Winger

This position attacks and defends; therefore, like the center midfielder, the winger must be athletic and fast on his feet. With tricks, and excellent control, he overlaps the full-back with captivating speed

The defense midfielder

His tricks win the balls from opponents and directs play back to his team. This player is the frontline of the defense, and he must outrun the opponents before they strategize or regroup.

The attacking midfielder

This position needs a great eye and speed to pass the ball to teammates when there’s a chance to score. The attacking midfielder outruns the opponent’s defense and works with the team’s attackers to score.


The striker is in the game to score some goals, and that’s why he stays near the opposition’s goal. Nonetheless, as a striker, you can feed other team players with the ball as you get into position to strike. You need endurance fitness to maneuver the opposition’s defense and their goalkeeper.

Top Soccer Players in Four Prominent Positions

All soccer players bring crucial skills to a match. Nonetheless, here are some of the most popular players in history in different soccer positions. Watch their old or recent matches, and you’ll know whether their soccer position suits you.


  • Oliver Khan
  • Iker Casillas
  • Petr Cech,
  • Manuel Neuer



Full backs:

How to Train for Soccer Positions

A 90-minute play needs athletic, strong players; hence, you must be fit for the number of miles you’ll be running in the pitch. Your body must endure physically and mentally, thus the need to build muscle strength to prevent injury as you train.

After you settle for one soccer position, practice, and perfect your skills. For instance, learn all the skills needed to be a great goalkeeper.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Does it matter if you play with your right or left foot?

You can play in any position your skills and fitness allow. Nevertheless, for the soccer positions in the middle of the pitch, you should be good in both left and right-footed play.

There are great soccer plays that were either right or left-footed. For example, Mesut Ozil, Robin Van Persie, Ashley Cole, and Ryan Giggs are some of the left-footed players. Famous right-footed players are Diego Maradona, David Beckham, Roberto Carlos, and Lionel Messi.

– Can I try different positions?

If you have a few positions in mind, you can attempt all positions to see where your playing personality fits. However, know the traits needed for the soccer positions you shortlist and have the stamina and the skill to play in them.


Soccer positions reflect the personality of the player and his skill in the sport. For a definite answer to the soccer position, you should play, find out if you are a great defender or an attacker.

If you can play both of these positions, the center back is suitable for you. If you can maneuver opponents with your swift and cunning soccer tricks to score for your team, the striker position suits you.

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