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US Soccer Development Academy Tryouts: Everything You Need To Know

us soccer development academy tryouts

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What is the US Soccer Academy? 

If your son or daughter is a youth soccer player, then you may have heard some buzz about the US Soccer Development Academy. Believe it or not, this new academy from the US Soccer federation may eventually replace the ODP Soccer system in America.

The development academy is relatively new and has only been around for two years. This year, the development academy will be entering its third year of competition. It’s important to note that this is the best league in the country to get recruited for a college soccer team.

The level of play in this league is also significantly higher than any league in the country. Part of this is due in part to the fact that the best players in the country are all united under one league.

The main goals of the US Soccer Development Academy is to provide an excellent training environment for players, get the best players in the country in one league, and ultimately help the talented soccer players in this country get recruited onto college soccer teams.

Alright. Now you may be wondering what’s in it for you when it comes to college soccer. The first way that the development academy helps college-bound athletes is by providing them with three showcase events each year. During the course of each academy season, there are three national showcase tournaments.

Every academy team in the league is invited to this tournament, and these showcases are also exclusive to academy teams. The largest one of these showcase events takes place in Bradenton, Florida at the IMG Soccer facility. Hundreds of Division I college coaches attend these showcase events each year.

Aside from getting recruited for college soccer through the development academy, youth soccer players can also get scouted for youth national teams.

Believe it or not, there are youth national team scouts at over fifty per cent of all academy games. The US Soccer Development Academy is serving as a direct link between youth soccer clubs and youth national teams.

The US Soccer Federation hopes that some of these players that are scouted by national team coaches will eventually end up on the senior national team. Either way, the US Soccer Development Academy league is the place to be for youth soccer players in the United States.

It provides players with the best training environment out there, and it can aid them in getting recruited for a collegiate soccer program

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