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The Rules For High School & College Soccer Are The Same…

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But Will That Help You?

High school soccer is an excellent way for any youth to gain experience through extra playing time. 

Most high school soccer players believe that they can get recruited to play for a college soccer team this way, as the rules for high school soccer are the same for college soccer.

However, the truth is that almost no high school soccer player gets recruited for a college soccer team this way. If you are a youth soccer player, the only way that you will get recruited to a college team is via travel soccer. 

What Is Travel Soccer?

Travel soccer is simply soccer teams who play more than other local teams; it can be very competitive as the youth who tend to join these teams are very serious about playing the game at an international level.

Trying To Get Recruited For College Soccer Through High School Soccer

It is unlikely that a college soccer team will recruit you from a high school soccer team, but high school soccer still has many benefits.

High school soccer is an excellent experience for a player to enjoy the social benefits of playing soccer with other players in his or her school community. 

The other great thing is that you get to play a lot of soccer games within a brief period. In reality, you get to play more soccer during a high school soccer season than you do during a travel soccer season.

This amount of playtime adds to your experience! They typically say it takes 10,000 hours of something to become exceptional at it, so playing during school will significantly benefit you here.

Just keep in mind that you also need to be playing on a travel soccer team if you have aspirations to play at the collegiate level. 

Summer Tryouts & Development Academies

During the summer, there are tons of youth soccer tryouts throughout the entire country. The best league for youth soccer in America is called the US Soccer Development Academy league.

If you want to get recruited to play for a college soccer team, you should strongly consider trying out for a team that plays in the development academy.

If you make it onto a team that plays in the development academy, you have an extremely high chance to get recruited for a college soccer team.

High school soccer has many benefits, including soccer industry benefits and social benefits. However, it is important that you are aware of its limitations; you will not get recruited to play for a top-level college with high school soccer alone.

You need both high school soccer and travel soccer to give yourself the best chance at getting recruited to play for a college soccer team.

Just remember, the most crucial part of getting recruited for a college soccer team is staying determined, optimistic and to keep practising. At the same time, you should still try and have as much fun as you possibly can!

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