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10 Best Soccer Camps in Michigan – (2024) Guide

10 Best Soccer Camps in Michigan

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In this post, we are going to explore the 5 best soccer camps in Michigan. A lot has gone into putting this list together.

We take into account many factors including overall experience, coaching, and location.

What attendees have to say about the soccer camps will also play a role in helping you to make an informed decision.

Lastly, we look at the overall cost and what is on offer for the price.

We hope you enjoy the list and, if there is a soccer camp near you that isn’t on our list, please leave us a note so we may check it out!

These Are The 10 Best Soccer Camps in Michigan

Wide World Sports Center

Wide World Sports Center - One Of The Best Soccer Camps In Michigan

Wide World Sports Center offers exciting soccer programs for both kids and adults. Run by a group of fellow experienced soccer enthusiasts, they know exactly how to provide the best training for the aspiring little ones.

The summer camps and leagues are hosted by professional and friendly coaches. Rental fields are also available to those who wish to play for fun.

Overall, many choose to come back to Wide World Sports Center for their facilities and the high-quality coaching sessions that come with a competitive price that not many other clubs can offer.

Age Range:

Youth up to adult


2140 Oak Valley Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48103


Youth Summer Camp (Full Day)$240/week$55/day
Youth Summer Camp (Half Day)$190/week$45/day
Youth Soccer Clinics$100
Youth Recreational League (Fall Indoor)$900 (Team fee)$99 (Individual fee)
Tot Lot$50
Jr Tigers Academy$175

Total Soccer Royal Oak

Total Soccer  - One Of The Best Soccer Camps In Michigan

Total Soccer Royal Oak dedicates itself to the development of the youth’s soccer skills. The highly competitive training programs and leagues being offered focus on both the players’ mental and physical strength.

The essence of sportsmanship and fair play in each training session is also being valued, ensuring that the children are good soccer players in and out of the field.

The list of programs available are specially designed for every age and skill level. Many parents consider Total Soccer Royal Oak to be an excellent choice for toddlers interested in soccer because of its highly-trained staff and state-of-the-art facilities. 

Age Range:

6-17 years old


1319 Lexington Blvd, Royal Oak, MI 48073


Total Soccer Indoor Soccer Camps$45/day$125/3 days$175/week
Total Training Outdoor Soccer Camps$129
Total Training Indoor Clinics$109

Next Level Training

Next Level Training  - One Of The Best Soccer Camps In Michigan

With today’s increase of technology and rising costs for memberships, Next Level Training is devoted to providing affordable quality training in Futsal and Soccer, while opening its doors to serving athletes of all ages and skill levels.

They believe their programs will help their participants love the game even more, while developing their character and skills that would help them excel in life, making it more than just about the sport.

Next Level Training has a curated staff of exceptional coaches who won’t disappoint in giving a fun-filled experience for the participants.

They have multiple indoor facilities which many parents are impressed about–making it the best place to play soccer in during the bad weather.

Age Range: 

6-18 years old


42480 Merrill Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48314


Training Per Session$30
Training Advance (8 Sessions)$210
Private Training Sessions$75/hr
Private Group SessionsEmail for more information
Private Team SessionsEmail for more information

Troy Youth Soccer League

Troy Youth Soccer League  - One Of The Best Soccer Camps In Michigan

Established way back in 1974, Troy Youth Soccer League was built with the purpose of providing opportunities for the children of Troy to have a place to play recreational soccer. They offer a variety of programs that are made to fit any child of any age and current skill level. 

The Soccer League promotes the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. The soccer league’s competitive training and coaching sessions bring out fantastic results and a few lessons can bring forth major improvements on the participant.

Troy Youth Soccer League’s exceptional lineup of coaches ensure a safe learning experience mixed with a sweet balance of fun activities that engages the player both physically and mentally.

Age Range:

5-14 years old


1977 E Wattles, Suite H, Troy, Michigan 48085


Registration Fee$105 (Oct 3-Dec 2, 2021)$125 (Regular price)

Fraser Soccer Club

Fraser Soccer Club  - One Of The Best Soccer Clubs In Michigan

Considered by a community tradition by the locals and one of the best soccer clubs in Michigan, Fraser Soccer Club has been raising soccer players for the past 40 years.

Its programs have been specially crafted to test the players’ tactical, physical, and technical abilities while still enjoying the sport in a creative way. Fraser Soccer Club believes in many values such as integrity, fun, honor, commitment, and the like, ensuring that its participants instill these during gameplay.

Many parents praise Fraser Soccer Club for its high-quality coaching sessions with friendly and professional staff. Combined with its competitive pricing, it’s no surprise many choose Fraser Soccer Club for their children to develop their playing skills and increase their self-confidence at the same time.

Age Range:

5-13 years old


34750 Klein Rd, Fraser, MI 48026


FSC Kids Academy$275
FSC SelectMore information here
FSC Camps & ClinicsMore information here

Ann Arbor United Soccer Club

Ann Arbor - One Of The Best Soccer Clubs In Michigan

Ann Arbor United Soccer Club was formed back in 1983, providing top notch soccer programs for soccer enthusiasts. The club has promised to commit to the following principles–to teach the game of soccer, to help each player reach their highest potential, and to build a community of awe-inspiring people.

They offer an extensive variety of soccer programs fit for any aspiring player. Ann Arbor United Soccer Club promises to keep participants engaged through appropriate challenging programs, whilst maintaining the enjoyment they deserve.

Equipped with the finest team of professional coaches, they are extremely helpful and friendly towards the players. 

Age Range:

6-19 years old


Ann Arbor United Soccer Club PO Box 7975  Ann Arbor, Michigan 48107


Youth Academy$90 (Fall)$90 (Winter One)$90 (Winter Two)$80 (Winter Three)$90 (Spring)$350 (All Five Sessions)
Summer Camp$60 (Daily)$100 (Weekly – Half Day)$180 (Weekly – Full Day)

Michigan Hawks

Michigan Hawks is a soccer academy that focuses on empowering girls and young women to achieve in soccer and in life. Their elite training programs are devoted to push their players both mentally and physically to excel in the sport. Michigan Hawks also values the importance of being respectful, intelligent, and dedicated. 

Their staff of friendly coaches are there to help the girls every step of the way, and provide a safe environment for them to thrive in.

Michigan Hawks has been widely known for its contribution to the success of their players, which is why many parents enroll their daughters under this club. They also take pride in being Michigan’s only proven college pathway.

Age Range:

7-19 years old


18600 Haggerty Rd. Livonia, MI 48152


Youth Academy$600 (Full year)$150 (Fall)$200 (Winter 1)$200 (Winter 2)$150 (Spring)
Annual Winter College Combine$150

Michigan FC

Michigan FC

Founded in 2015, this non-profit organization had a mission of promoting soccer play for kids of all ages and social statuses. The club is one of the very few that supports the youth with free training and league play.

Their list of programs are categorized under different skill levels so kids without any experience can learn to play soccer. Michigan FC has its own soccer field dedicated for their participants.

Michigan FC has a superb team of professional coaches that are strict yet motivating, allowing the children to unleash their potential and test their wits while enjoying. Many parents are impressed by the coaches and can see improvements with their child’s play.

Age Range:

2.5-18 years old


15801 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, MI 48126, United States


Little KicksMore information here
Junior KickersMore information here
Mighty KickersMore information here
Mega KickersMore information here

Michigan State Premier Soccer League (MSPSP)

Michigan State Premier Soccer League (MSPSP) Soccer Clubs In Michigan

Michigan State Premier Soccer League has been providing high-quality and intense and innovative elite soccer programs for the youth for years. They amplify the importance of sportsmanship and fair play in every soccer training session.

MSPSP breeds their players through competitive training, enabling them to push them to their limits while having fun. This statewide soccer league in Michigan has represented over 100 clubs and around 12,000 players annually. 

The coaches are organized and professional, ensuring that each participant gets to carefully learn the techniques of the sport. Most parents are impressed by the high-quality training their children received, thus earning the trust of the coaches.

Age Range:

13-19 years old


9401 General Drive, Suite 130 Plymouth, MI 48170


MPSP Reschedule Fee$100
Fall Registration Fee$550/team
Late Addition$25/player

Soccer Buddies

Soccer Buddies Soccer Club In Michigan

Soccer Buddies was formed for kids to experience the development of their fitness, and other tactical skills in a safe environment. They take pride in educating their participants about sportsmanship and ensuring that they’re all team players. Soccer Buddies believes in providing soccer opportunities for all regardless of age, skill level, and social status.

They also offer party options for kids aged 15 months up to 12 years. The party package includes a free birthday shirt for the celebrant, free class coupons to be put inside the goody bags, paper plates, and cups. The celebrant can invite up to 15 of his/her friends and an additional coach can be hired for $45.

Age Range:

15 months-12 years old


596 Baldwin St, Jenison, MI 49428

3886 Van Buren St, Hudsonville, MI 49426


Soccer Buddies Party$190

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