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Do Soccer Players Wear Cups?

Do Soccer Players Wear Cups?

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It’s no secret that soccer is a demanding sport. As some of the fittest athletes in the world, professional soccer players put their bodies through a rigorous workout every day. But that doesn’t mean they’re free from injury.

And, while getting a black eye or a bloody nose is an occupational hazard, there are other injuries that are just as common—and just as dangerous.

In fact, soccer players are much more likely to have a groin injury than the average person. So, that begs the question…

Do soccer players wear cups?

Soccer players have to deal with rough tackles and fouls during games, and while soccer players may wear shin guards to help protect their shins, this may surprise you, but no, actually, most professional soccer players do not wear cups.  

What about goalkeepers?

Do Soccer Goalies Wear Cups?

No. Typically goalies do not wear cups, either. For the same reason that other soccer players running up and down the field do not. Concerns that it will limit their movement. Although goalies wear considerably more protective soccer gear than any other player, they also have the advantage of using their hands to block on coming blows from the ball.

Hopefully, they also have good defense keeping the ball away from them!

That does not mean they cannot wear a cup if they wish to. So if you are a goalkeeper and are concerned about damaging your groin area, then of course, wear a cup!

Protective Cups & Why They Are Used

If you’re a player in any sport that involves getting hit or falling to the ground, you’re going to want to wear protective cups. These devices are designed to protect your man parts from injury, and can be worn in a variety of different sports.

Protective cups are often found in contact sports, including hockey, football, and lacrosse, but you might also see them in team handball or volleyball. 

Why Don’t Soccer Players Wear Cups?

Soccer players are known for being tough and resiliant; however, the question “why don’t soccer players wear cups?” comes up quite often. 

Well the answer is quite simple, really. 

They don’t wear cups because they don’t want to

Soccer is a sport that requires a lot of running, which can cause a lot of pain. The thought of putting a cup on underneath their shorts and running around for hours on end is just not something most players want to do, so they don’t.

The Risk of Groin Injuries In Soccer

A groin injury is a particularly painful injury that can happen when your foot hits the ball with too much force while you are kicking. These injuries have been known to occur in the past, but the recent trend is for them to occur more often.

A more obvious injury and occurrence would be being kicked in the groin area by an opposing player during a tackle…ouch!

What Sort Of Cups Can Soccer Players Wear?

The two most common types of protective gear which can be worn by soccer players are cups (also called jockstraps) and pelvic protectors.  

Jockstraps are worn under shorts and provide protection from the sides of the thighs and the groin area. 

Pelvic protectors are a bit like a better-fitting and more comfortable version of a jockstrap, but with built-in plastic-and-rubber guards between the legs. The guards help protect against accidental kicks to the groin, which can happen when the ball comes in high with a lot of power.

Where To Buy A Soccer Cup

You will find a lot of success searching online for “sports jockstraps” rather than soccer cups. Jockstraps can be purchase inexpensively on Amazon or your local Walmart or sports supply store.

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