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Top 5 Unbeatable Soccer Drills for 10-Year-Olds: Boost Your Game Today!

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Soccer moms and dads, gather ’round, it’s time to talk about the best soccer drills for your 10-year-olds. Before we dive in though, let’s clear one thing up – no amount of drills will turn your child into the next Messi or Ronaldo. But hey, they’re sure as heck going to be a lot better than their peers after incorporating these gems into their practice routine.

So without further ado – welcome to today’s blog post: “The Top 10 Soccer Drills for Your Lil’ Ballers”. Lace up your cleats and find a stiff drink (I’d recommend hot chocolate), because we’re about to kick off!

1. The Hospital Pass Game

Objective: Improve passing accuracy and pace.
Set-up: Two teams of equal numbers within a marked out playing area.

Forget boring old-fashioned square passing exercises; this is where the fun begins! Kids need entertainment while learning new skills – that’s where the hospital pass game comes in handy. The goal is simple: each team tries to play rapid-fire passes between themselves while avoiding those pesky interceptions from opposing players.

And remember parents-to-be-coaches: reward good passes with compliments; gently chide weak ones with witty remarks like “that pass needs a visit to the hospital”.

Bonus tip:

Up the ante by converting successful passes into points, or create an additional rule stating that only one-touch passes are allowed.


You can adapt this drill for various age groups by adjusting playing area size and passing distance accordingly.

2. Bowling Pin Knockdown

Objective: Develop shooting technique and accuracy.
Arsenal List: Bowling pins or empty plastic bottles, soccer balls

Think of this as soccer’s equivalent to bowling. Set up “pins” at various spots on the pitch; have your little ballers take turns shooting the ball, aiming to knock down as many targets as possible. Channel their competitive spirits by keeping score and throwing in unexpected challenges – such as dribbling around cones before taking a shot.

We all know that moment when a 10-year-old player has a clear shot on goal… and misses by miles? This drill is designed to help ensure that doesn’t happen (at least not too often).

3. Monkey in the Middle

Main Objective: Enhance close control, passing, and intercepting skills.
Secondary Objective: Teach them life isn’t fair (kidding!)

Split your squad into groups of four or five players, with one “monkey” placed in the center surrounded by teammates. The objective is simple: keep-away! Those surrounding must complete passes avoiding interception by the monkey while they frantically try to regain possession.

Remember parents-you’re-the-referees: quick transitions are key here!

Let’s face it – who hasn’t had fun playing monkey in the middle? Just beware of potential emotional breakdowns when one child gets stuck in the middle for too long (we did say life wasn’t fair).


You can incorporate secondary objectives like practicing headers or volleys depending on your little ones’ expertise.

4. Red Light/Green Light

Raison d’être: Sharpening dribbling skills.
Grown-up Twist: Throw voicemails and car insurance payments into our version!

This childhood classic guarantees improving those crucial dribbling skills while maintaining enjoyment levels for your soon-to-be soccer stars. Have the players line up at one end of the pitch, while you (the coach) stand at the other end calling out “green light” or “red light”. Players must dribble towards you on a green light but immediately stop and control their ball once you turn and shout “red light”.

Be a mischievous motorist – give ’em false greens that quickly change to reds, or sneakily turn around on unsuspecting little speed demons.

5. The Juggling Challenge

Purpose: Develop touch and ball control.
Side Effect: Awkwardly explaining it’s not *that* kind of juggling…

No list of soccer drills would be complete without mentioning juggling! Young players must learn to keep the ball up in the air using different body parts (feet, thighs, chest, head), juggling as many times as possible without letting it hit the ground. Encourage friendly competition between teammates by seeing who can reach specific milestones first!

It’s time to say goodbye! We hope this arsenal of soccer drills becomes your go-to resource for 10-year-olds’ practice sessions. Remember: keep it lighthearted but focused; after all – we’re dealing with children here!

So get out there, have some fun with these training exercises… Oh – and don’t forget to share your newfound expertise with fellow overzealous parents.


In Case You’re Wondering…

What are some essential soccer drills for 10-year-olds?

Some essential soccer drills for 10-year-olds include dribbling exercises, passing and receiving drills, shooting practice, and small-sided games. These activities help to develop ball control, decision-making, and teamwork skills.

How can I make soccer drills fun for 10-year-olds?

To make soccer drills fun for younger players, try incorporating competitive games, using vibrant colors and equipment, setting up obstacle courses, and adjusting the difficulty level to maintain their interest. Encourage positive feedback and celebrate success.

Why are small-sided games beneficial for young soccer players?

Small-sided games are beneficial because they provide more frequent touches on the ball, allowing young players to improve their technical skills. They also offer opportunities to learn tactical elements in a simplified game format, while encouraging teamwork and decision-making.

How long should each drill session be for 10-year-olds?

Each drill session should last between 10-15 minutes. This allows children enough time to practice the skill while maintaining focus and interest. You can mix several different drills within a single training session, ideally keeping it around an hour long..

In addition to specific soccer skills, what other aspects should be included in training sessions with 10-year-olds?

Along with technical skills, it is essential to incorporate elements of teamwork, communication, spatial awareness, agility/balance/coordination exercises (ABCs),.

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