Soccer Basics: The Rules

Soccer Basics the game rules

This advice is geared towards parents who are considering getting their child into soccer. So, your children either want to play soccer or you want them to participate in sports, and you have encouraged them to do so.

Once you have accomplished getting them involved, you will want to ensure you do not embarrass them during their games. One way to do this is to be familiar with the basic rules of the game.

Here are some of the basic rules of soccer.

Basic Rule of Soccer #1- Hand Usage

One of the rules almost every person knows about soccer is that you cannot use your hands. There are some points to clarify this rule.

The hand rule includes any part of the player’s body from the fingertips to the shoulder.

If a ball accidentally hits a player’s hand, it is up to the referee if it was “Ball-to-hand”, which is legal or “Hand-to-ball” illegal.

Only the goalkeeper can use their hands, but they cannot use their hands when a pass comes directly from one of their teammates.

Basic Rule of Soccer #2- Kick-Off

A kick-off is how a soccer game is started and restarted. There are different times that a kick-off occurs. They are: at the beginning of the game, after a goal has been scored, at the beginning of the second half, and at the beginning of a period of extra time.

A kick-off consists of placing the ball in the center of the field while all players stand on their side of the field. The kicker is from the opposite team that scored.

Basic Rule of Soccer #3- Throw-in

When a player kicks the ball out of bounds, it will result in a throw-in.

To achieve a proper throw-in, the player must throw the ball over their head, keeping both feet on the ground.

The player can jump or move before throwing the ball in, but both feet must be on the ground as the ball is thrown in.

Basic Rule of Soccer #4- Corner Kick and Goal Kick

When a ball goes out of bounds at either end of the field, it will result in a corner kick or a goal kick.

The type of kick is determined by which team kicks the ball out.

  • When an offensive player kicks the ball out, it results in a goal kick.
  • When a defensive player kicks the ball out, it results in a corner kick.

A goal kick will take place from anywhere in the goalie box by any player.

A corner kick is taken from the corner closest to where to ball left the playing field.

Basic Rule of Soccer #5- Fouls

Even though soccer can be very rough and has a lot of contact involved, there are fouls in the game of soccer. A foul occurs when the elbows or hands come up and is always a judgment call from the referee. A foul often results in a direct kick from the opposing team.

These are some basic rules of soccer to help get you more acquainted with the game before your child is too embarrassed.

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