How To Develop Speed And Endurance For Soccer


Running is a key part of soccer. Whether you’re chasing down an opposing player, or trying to keep your feet as you’re being run through, you’re going to have to develop some speed and endurance to be a successful soccer player.   That means it’s important to work on endurance and speed training. And, you […]

Professional Soccer Player Average Salary: Who Earns What?

What do professional soccer players earn?

A professional soccer player’s salary does not just depend on their professionalism and their experience; it can also depend on their gender or where they live. Different players are given different paychecks. And apart from monthly salaries, they get endorsements, bonuses, sponsorships, and other benefits. It is also noteworthy that women soccer players are paid […]

What Is The Difference Between Soccer And Football Cleats?

difference between soccer and football cleats

This is a very common question for anybody new to either soccer or American football, and the confusion between the two sports is a general occurrence. The difference between soccer and football cleats lies in several features that are; The studs Toe design The design of the cut The weight Let us clear up why […]

How Much Does Private Soccer Training Cost?

private soccer training

Private Soccer Training: The What, The Why, The How. If you have found yourself asking the question “how much does private soccer training cost?” then you already know you are looking for a training solution that you cannot quite get on a large team. When you invest in private soccer training, you are investing in […]

How To Get A Soccer Scholarship: Key Points To Consider

How to get a soccer scholarship

This post will focus on some fundamental elements to help parents who want to steer their child in the right direction to obtain a soccer scholarship. This guide will also be useful for young players who want to know the necessary steps with actionable points to cover on their journey. A soccer scholarship can yield […]