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Best Soccer Ball Rebounder Review (Top 5 Picks For 2024)

best soccer ball rebounders

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When you are training and trying to improve your soccer performance by yourself, this can feel quite limited, especially if all you have is your soccer ball and no other equipment.

You have probably come to realize that sometimes when you want to practice, your friends are not necessarily up for it or available which makes it difficult to work on specific drills.

Top 5 Best Soccer Ball Rebounders: At A Glance

Why Do I Need A Soccer Ball Rebounder?

This is where a soccer ball rebounder comes in handy. It acts as a second player so your development is never at the whim of anybody else and some rebounders can act as a goalkeeper for when you just want to practice shooting.

All in all, adding the best soccer ball rebounder you can find to your soccer practice equipment arsenal can enhance your training a lot. The trouble is deciphering which one is the best for your needs, with so many on the market!

Some do a better job than others and some are more durable than others so it makes sense to shop around before picking up the first one you see.

I have reviewed the best 5, however, no two are the same…

In this post, I have broken down and reviewed the top 5 best soccer ball rebounders on the market, their features and benefits, and also the pros and cons.

Hopefully, by the end of this review, you will have a good idea about which rebounder would suit your needs and budget best!

Main Things To Consider When Buying A Soccer Ball Rebounder

  • Price – Ensure you get the best soccer ball rebounder for your money.
  • Durability – You are kicking a high speed and powerful object at it consistently, it needs to be extremely durable.
  • Multifunctional – a rebounder that has multiple functions is ideal for most people. Does it fold up, can it be used indoors and outdoors etc. (value for money)
  • Suitability – Choosing the best rebounder for your needs.

Franklin Sports Soccer Return Ramp Review


The Franklin Sports Soccer Return Ramp offers a true-roll rebound and can help you practice your skills at home or anywhere. This lightweight design is portable, making it easy to take with you on the go!

It’s perfect for beginners as well professionals who want more variety when training in different areas from grass fields to halls or indoor gymnasiums that may not have appropriate surfaces.

Franklin Sports Soccer Return Ramp - Soccer Launch Ramp - Portable Soccer Trainer and Rebounder - 38"x42"x35.75" Soccer Return

This ramp is ideal for practicing a variety of soccer drills as it offers adjustable angles which allow players of all levels to train simultaneously on either side of the ramp with precision fit locking pins which help ensure secure, easy assembly on uneven surfaces such as grass or turf.

Franklin Sports Soccer Return Ramp - Soccer Launch Ramp - Portable Soccer Trainer and Rebounder - 38"x42"x35.75" Soccer Return

Its durable steel construction means this product will last season after season without getting damaged by weather conditions or wear and tear. With so many features, one thing is certain: The Franklin Sports Soccer Return Ramp could be just what you need to take your game to the next level!


  • Portable
  • Collapsible
  • Multi-skill practice
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Under $100


  • The plastic material on the main rebounder is not as durable as other metal rebounders.

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PowerNet Rebounder Training Net for Soccer Review

For years, soccer players have been training with a ball and a wall. Or, they have been training alone on a field. Now you can train with a ball and a wall–or with other players–with the PowerNet Rebounder Training Net for Soccer.

The PowerNet Rebounder Training Net for Soccer is a 5’x5′ Multi-Sport Training Net that provides the perfect surface for practicing your touch, control and passing.

This rebounder has a dual training surface so you can practice both smooth ground receiving, and mid-air ball handling.

PowerNet Rebounder Training Net for Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball | Angled Multi-Sport Rebound Pitchback Net | Portable Dual Practice Surface Use Both Sides for Practicing Volley and Rollback

The net is designed for outdoor use on most surfaces or can be used indoors on a gym or carpeted surface. Simply place the rebounder over a flat surface and attach using the nylon stakes to secure in place.

The front side is designed for volley-type returns that need to be handled mid-air with head, chest and thigh height returns while the back side is designed for smooth ground return training.

With so many features, including its durable steel construction and zippered carrying bag with straps included, this product meets the mark for most soccer practice situations.


  • It is easy to get replacement parts directly from the company.
  • Easy to set up and use, great for small youth soccer teams or solo practice.


  • Durability is a concern here. While it appears to be and feel very sturdy – there have been several reports of the side poles snapping after months of use.


This is an excellent product if you are looking for a soccer ball rebounder that is easy to assemble. This PowerNet Soccer Rebounder is made of high quality, durable polyethylene and will withstand years of heavy use. Likewise, this allows you to train outside and won’t tear when it gets bumped or kicked.

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RapidFire Handheld Soccer Rebounder Review

The RapidFire Handheld Soccer Rebounder is a portable, lightweight, and easy to use, handheld soccer rebounder that helps you improve your goalkeeping skills. It is ideal for keepers of all ages and abilities.

The RapidFire Soccer Rebounder is perfect for both indoor and outdoor soccer training and will save you space and time by providing a convenient alternative to other soccer ball rebounder models as it can be folded down small for easy storage.


  • Great for partner work for both strikers and goalkeepers to practice their skills.


  • Handheld, requires two people to use or you will need to lean it up against something, this is not secure, however.


Whether you are a professional goalkeeper, or just a beginner, the RapidFire Handheld Soccer Rebounder is the optimal training tool to help you improve your reaction time, gain confidence in your abilities, and improve your overall goalkeeping skills.

This rebounder is especially useful for siblings or anybody who practices often with a training partner as you can use this versatile tool in many ways.

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RapidFire Soccer Rebound Board for Passing & Shooting Review

The RapidFire Soccer Rebound Board for Passing & Shooting gives you the chance to hone your accuracy and improve your soccer technique, even off the field.

This portable soccer rebound board is great for all ages and skill levels, helping develop your soccer skills, improve your footwork, and boost your confidence on the field.




This soccer-specific training and conditioning tool is designed to develop and enhance the speed, accuracy, power, and consistency of every shot. It’s constructed of high-quality materials to replicate the feel of real soccer field action, allowing you to get a meaningful practice session into your schedule anywhere.

If you are looking for a durable, multifunctional tool from a reputable sports equipment company then this is certainly the best soccer ball rebounder for the job!

This rebounder was close to getting our “Editor’s pick” as, no matter what your skill level is, you can use this to up your performance and practice hundreds of drills by yourself. It is simple yet very effective and we love how easy it is to set up and put away.

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RapidFire Mega X Soccer Rebounder Review

The RapidFire® Mega X™ Soccer Rebounder delivers an unprecedented combination of speed and accuracy. Made with RapidFire’s patented ultra-durable material, the Mega X launches the ball 10% faster than the competition and 15% faster than the previous “Mega” model, allowing you to practice more and bounce back faster from errors.

Consider this rebounder a cost-effective solution to practice your soccer skills and drills at any time, whether training by yourself or with a partner. This is a training companion that helps players practice shooting, passing, receiving, and handling.




The RapidFire Mega X is a favorite amongst teams and coaches and is generally purchased by those who are very serious about their soccer training.

You also want to ensure you have a large enough area to practice in to make the most out of this rebounder.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Many professional soccer players use a soccer rebounder to practice their passing and shooting. If you want to know what the best soccer ball rebounder is, you can start by asking a soccer player.

That is what we did here, we asked several; to echo the soccer players, it is clear that the best soccer ball rebounder is one that is durable and built to last. 

The rebounder is designed to help you improve your overall soccer performance and help you make the most of your precious training time.

Adding the right rebounder to your practice will improve your touch and agility. A soccer ball rebounder also helps you to train with more confidence and, in turn, play your matches with more confidence.

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