Basic Rules of Soccer: The Soccer Pitch

Soccer Basics the pitch

As with all sports there are basic rules to follow. For anybody who is not a soccer expert already, these will all be a mystery. In this post we are going to cover some soccer basics, namely, the pitch.


Mid-field, the 18-yard line, the sidelines and the corners are all names for the different areas of the soccer pitch. But to the untrained soccer-eye these terms mean nothing!

If you are completely new to soccer and want to know more about the rules on the pitch, then read on.

A game of soccer starts off in the center of the pitch, the mid-field. It is here that most of the action takes place. It is the midfield or the middle third of the pitch as some commentators call it, that a game is lost or won. Most of the creativity occurs here; the skills, the impressive tackling. The pace of the game is dictated from this area.

Left & Right Wing

The left and right-hand sides of the pitch are called the wings. Teams will have specific left or right-wingers. They will patrol this area of the pitch to provide width for their team.

The Sidelines

The sidelines are quite uniform across many sports. The sidelines on the wings are the extent of the pitch. Once the ball goes over the line, it is out of play and the team that kicked it out loses possession.

The Final Third

The final third is a kind of misnomer. It can either be the defensive or attacking third depending upon which team you are talking about. It is the area around the 18 yard line in front of the goals. This where a team attacks or defends. A good defense will push as far forward towards the mid-field to exploit the off-side rule.

The Corners

The corners are where the aptly named corners are taking. If a ball goes out over the line at the end of the pitch and a member of the defending team touched the ball as it went out, then the attacking team have a free kick from the corner. They can kick the ball into the final part of the pitch, the six yard box. This is the area directly in front on the goal mouth.

So there you have it, the parts of the soccer pitch. Sounds complicated but once you watch one game of soccer it becomes quite apparent. Soccer is very much a visual thing.

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